Atotech's ST-Line® and CupraEtch® products for superior process performance

Atotech’s ST-Line® and CupraEtch® products for superior process performance

Atotech announces the launch of ST-Line®, a new cost effective equipment for advanced surface preparation

Atotech, a global leader in specialty chemicals and equipment, today announced the launch of ST-Line®, a state-of-the-art equipment designed for the requirements of soldermask and dry film pretreatment processes in the manufacturing of PCB. The new line is fully compatible with Atotech’s existing offering of CupraEtch® pretreatment chemistry and is expected to boost yields to control production costs. Atotech uses its high quality and high precision manufacturing capabilities at its new plant in Guangzhou to provide this equipment to the industry. With the accelerated move to finer lines and spaces across PCB applications, the company considers it to be an ideal time to introduce ST-Line® in combination with CupraEtch® chemical solutions.

Benefits to the customers

  • For inner layer, outer layer and soldermask pretreatment
  • High quality equipment for best process performance
  • Considerably reduced waste-water
  • Highest electrical security control and safety standard
  • Equipment and chemistry out of one hand
  • Industry leading customer service

ST-Line® combined with Atotech’s CupraEtch® product range forms a multipurpose microetch system for the pretreatment and adhesion promotion of primary imaging resists and soldermasks. Customers can deploy the equipment for inner and outer layer photoresist pretreatment as well as soldermask pretreatment (compatible with all Final finishes, including ENIG and IMT) processes across MLB, HDI and Package substrate applications. Superior in quality and design, the line also meets rigorous safety standards. Key highlights of this line include its ease of operation, intuitive safety controls and fully controlled temperature detection in dryer module. Backed with the company’s extensive local presence, customers will also have access to Atotech’s highly trained experts and support through various production stages.

Commenting on the launch, Atotech’s Vice President Equipment, Mr. Frank Runkel said:
“Atotech is well known in the industry for being the only company to offer chemistry, equipment and processes for PCB manufacturing out of one hand. The introduction of ST-Line® underscores our commitment of delivering not only chemistry or hardware but a full systems solution package to our customers. Engineered and built in our new Guangzhou equipment plant and manufactured on high precision machining tools, the ST-Line® is a high quality product that assures maximum yield at a competitive price. In combination with our CupraEtch® chemistry products the line enables our customers to meet their sustainability goals by reducing their waste water volume measurably.”

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About Atotech
Atotech is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty chemicals and equipment for the printed circuit board, IC-substrate and semiconductor industries, as well as for the decorative and functional surface finishing industries. Atotech has annual sales of USD 1.1 billion. The company is fully committed to sustainability – we develop technologies to minimize waste and to reduce environmental impact. Atotech has its headquarters in Berlin, Germany, and employs more than 4,000 people in over 40 countries.