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BluCr® – the first trivalent chromium hard chrome plating process in the market

Hard chrome plating is one of the simplest processes in electroplating that generates a deposit with excellent physical properties. The technology has been popular and successful for about 90 years. Despite their superior wear resistance and corrosion protection, hard chrome coatings are subject to ever more stringent legal restrictions meaning that alternative processes need to be found. With BluCr®, Atotech is the first company in the electroplating industry to offer an industrial trivalent chromium hard chrome plating process and by this means an alternative to hexavalent hard chrome plating.

BluCr® is hexavalent chromium and boric acid-free, complying with REACH regulations. Due to the special formulation of the BluCr® process the hazardous nature of hard chrome plating and the potential risks to the environment and personnel can be drastically reduced. As the BluCr® process utilizes either mixed metal oxide or graphite inert anodes for plating, the hard chrome plating industry can move away from the use of toxic lead alloy anodes. BluCr® is an alternative to Cr(VI)-based hard chrome plating processes, frequently used in the automotive, construction and oil and gas industries.

BluCr® exhibits all the same benefits associated with Atotech’s hexavalent chromium processes. This includes fast plating speed and remarkable bath stability as well as high hardness deposits and wear resistance. “With BluCr®, Atotech pushes innovation to a new level”, states Rami Haidar, Global product manager from Atotech’s functional chrome team, “The trivalent chromium hard chrome deposits look and behave like the familiar hexavalent chromium deposits. They even show a superior chloride resistance. Those benefits make the transition from one to the other relatively easy for the industry,” Rami Haider further highlights the benefits of Atotech’s latest innovation.

With BluCr® Atotech opens a new chapter in hard chrome history, leading the way towards sustainable hard chrome plating.