Berlin, August 28, MKS’ Atotech will participate at this year’s KPCA Show 2023 in Seoul, South Korea, which will be held at Incheon Songdo Convensia from September 6-8, 2023. MKS will represent its strategic brands, Atotech® and ESI®, and will introduce its latest products and solutions for PCB and package substrate manufacturing, ranging from chemical processes, production systems, auxiliary equipment, and lasers to software solutions for optimized production yield, reliability and efficiency.

All visitors are encouraged to stop by booth G201 and learn about the new solutions:

G-Plate®: New vertical desmear and electroless HVM plating tool for next-generation high-end package substrates with well-organized particle control
Geode® A:  New CO2 laser system for high precision and high-speed ABF build-up laminate processing
Printoganth® MV TP3: Ultra-thin electroless copper for advanced SAP manufacturing
InPro® Pulse TVF: New vertical production solution for high aspect ratio through hole filling with best reliability
EcoFlash® S300: Differential etching for advanced SAP manufacturing
Stannatech® 2000: The leading immersion tin process designed to meet future requirements

MKS is highly committed to driving next generation package substrate development working towards meeting 5/5µm L/S targets. By combining leading capabilities in lasers, optics, motion, process chemistry and equipment (horizontal and vertical), we are positioned to Optimize the Interconnect(SM), a significant enabling point of next-generation advanced electronics that represents the next frontier for miniaturization and complexity.

Gucheol Kim, marketing manager of Atotech Korea, said, “Printed circuit boards, package substrates and semiconductor are all key enabler for a modern world and will continue to play an important role as we further progress our journey advancing technical capabilities and with-it electronic products. Today, these mission critical electronic products use components that make innovation possible in various ends, be it 5/6G networks, high-performance computing for server/data centers, self-driving or electric cars, and many more. The requirements for ultra-small, thin, flexible, and high-performing electrical components and the need to provide more sustainable solutions is what keeps us innovating. We understand and strive to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers.”

Conference: KPCA Show 2023
Date:   September 6-8, 2023
Booth: G201
Venue: Incheon Songdo Convensia

For more information on CPCA Show, please visit: KPCAshow 2023