Berlin, November 1, 2019: Atotech, a global leader in advanced plating chemicals, equipment and services for the printed circuit board (PCB), IC-substrate, semiconductor and surface finishing industries, today announced that it will participate in the productronica and SEMICON 2019, in Munich from November 12 – 15.

Atotech experts from whole of Europe will be present and discuss the company’s latest innovations, developments and trends in the electronics industry, as well as participating in the conference program with five presentations:

Visitors to these events are welcome to join the Atotech technical conference talks and meet the product and technology experts directly at the conference or at any time at the company’s booth no. 455 at productronica in Hall B3.

Atotech’s key highlights at the booth include:

  • ViaKing® – Atotech’s new enhanced graphite direct metallization for flex and advanced base materials.
  • Printoganth® P2 – Universal hor. electroless copper process for advanced base materials including 5G.
  • InPro® MVF2 – Advanced BMV filling in VCP equipment for HDI production.
  • InPro® RA – Advanced BMV filling electrolyte for bright copper deposition for flex/flex PCBs.
  • OS-Tech® – An environmentally friendly, high functioning simple process.
  • PallaBond® – Direct pure EPAG for ultra fine L/S application.
  • CupraEtch® SR8000 – Dryfilm and soldermask pretreatment with advanced adhesion performance.
  • BondFilm® EX – Bonding enhancement solution for low signal loss with high frequency applications.
  • vPlate® – Vertical continuous copper plating technology of choice for advanced HDI and IC substrate.
  • MultiPlate for FOPLP – Next generation plating system and Innolyte® process family for panel level packaging.
  • Xenolyte® Ni TR – High temperature resistant Ni for RDL and pad metallization.
  • Spherolyte® SnAg – High speed SnAg for lead free, pure and uniform solder bump plating.
  • Argalin ® XL – High performance inorganic and Cr(VI)-free silver anti-tarnish.
  • Stannopure PF – High speed Tin process for lead frames and connectors with perfect coverage.