Berlin, January 7, 2020: Atotech, a leading surface-finishing solutions provider, delivering chemistry, equipment, and service to support diverse end-markets such as mobile devices, computers, consumer electronics, the global automotive industries, and many others, will present at the 34th Electronics R&D, Manufacturing and Packaging Technology Expo – NEPCON JAPAN, Tokyo Big Sight Japan, on January 15th – 17th.

Visitors of the event are welcome to stop by the company’s booth W9-60 to discuss hot industry trends, latest product innovations and the company’s development outlook for the coming year.

Atotech’s key highlights at NEPCON JAPAN include:

  • vPlate® – New vertical continuous copper plating equipment for advanced HDI and IC substrate
  • Polygon® PLB Line® – New desmear and electroless copper metallization equipment
  • ViaKing® – A new enhanced graphite direct metallization process for flex and advanced base materials
  • Printoganth® P2 – A new universal horizontal e’less Cu system for flex, flex-rigid, HDI & MLB base materials
  • InPro® SAP3 – IC substrate via filling process for best uniformity at high current density
  • InPro® PI – Copper pillar plating process for high interconnect density
  • PallaBond® – A new direct pure EPAG surface finish for ultra-fine L/S application
  • Stanna-COF – Immersion tin process for chip-on-film applications
  • CovaBond® P100 – Adhesion promoter for plating on polyimide COF, flex HDI, mSAP, SAP
  • Novabond® EX – A new generation adhesion promoter for advanced IC substrate manufacturing
  • AgPrep® – Ultimate non-etching adhesion promoter for silver surfaces
  • Argalin® XL – High performance inorganic and Cr(VI)-free silver anti-tarnish process
  • Spherolyte® UF3 – High speed copper deposition for pillar applications
  • Xenolyte® NI TR – High temperature resistant Ni for RDL and pad metallization