A highly sustainable process offering a safer work environment and material cost savings for in-house applications

BERLIN, Germany March 2020: Atotech, a leading global provider of specialty surface-finishing solutions, has made significant strides in the development of a sustainable powder-paint remover. Its’ Master Remover® 7000, newly available on the market, is an environmentally sound solution for powder-paint removal.

Brian List, Global Product Director, Paint Support Technologies (PST) at Atotech said: “Besides its compliance with the most stringent environmental regulations globally, Master Remover® 7000 accelerates the paint removal process, suspends the need for secondary cleaning processes, and provides a significantly longer solution life. It also eliminates substrate damage and warping while minimizing safety concerns.”

Master Remover® 7000 offers a non-aqueous single-phase cleaning process with the additional benefits of long life, low energy, and low waste. It can be implemented for high value, light metal part reclamation. Even complex geometry or multi-metal components can be cleaned 100% in one step with absolutely no etch.

Unlike thermal methods, which operate at very high temperatures (> 425°C), Master Remover® 7000 has a much lower energy demand and does not require subsequent ash removal and part cleaning. It provides a safer work environment as it minimizes workers’ exposure to highly regulated and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

In addition to its environmental advantages, Master Remover® 7000 helps to reduce operating costs for applicators: It preserves intended substrates and thus allows for a significantly longer solution life. It improves operating efficiency through its rapid powder-paint removal and by eliminating the need for secondary cleaning operations.

For in-house installations, Master Remover® 7000 provides a quick return on investment.
Many applicators currently outsource their paint removal process due to the numerous drawbacks of conventional paint removal methods. These applicators can now significantly reduce their costs by implementing the fast and safe “in-house” paint removal process with Master Remover® 7000 from Atotech:

  • No extra sets of fixtures required for rotation due to paint build-up or for paint removal concerns
  • No additional secondary or manual cleaning required
  • Lower costs per unit: no price charge per unit or kilogram
  • No re-work or repair costs incurred by damage through transportation, handling, or processing
  • Improved operating efficiency without lengthy lead times