From left: Harald Ahnert (President of Electronics, Atotech Group), Rick Wu (President, Career Technology, Co-Chair of IMPACT 2018 and Chairman TPCA), George Yang (Vice President Great China, Atotech Group), James Tsai (Business Director, Atotech Group)

Harald Ahnert, President of Electronics at Atotech Group, explains at this year TPCA Show in Taipei, one of the largest and most influential gatherings for the printed circuit board (PCB) and package substrate industry in the world, that the company’s electronics business is driven by innovation for greater device functionality, performance, and miniaturization.

“Our Electronics business is driven by the demand for electronic devices in the global end market. The trends towards better connectivity and greater device functionality, performance, and miniaturization, are leading to a greater complexity of printed circuit boards (PCB), package substrates and semiconductors, which require additional layers and smaller electroplated features. Increasing PCB and semiconductor complexity requires higher plating content, which translates to an additional chemistry demand. That is where our expertise is required.”

He continues: “However, we can only fully participate in this growth if we provide the most advanced technical solutions – which we do through a combination of innovative chemistry and world-class equipment. All of this is supported by early customer engagement and co-development. Our focus lies on solutions for the next generation HDI, a technology used in the latest high-end smartphones; automotive, which is moving towards an increasing electronics content – driven by connectivity, safety, electrification, and autonomous driving; flex and rigid-flex PCBs, which are increasingly used in smartphones, cars, wearables, and other consumer electronics; and advanced packaging for semiconductor applications – supported by our latest addition to the equipment family: MultiPlate – a next generation ECD plating tool designed to meet the challenges of wafer- and panel-level packaging.