IMC Study of mid-phosphorous and high phosphorous ENIG finishes

ENIG is a widely used, high performance final finish and therefore has a major role within the sphere of final finishes, especially in the production of Multilayer (ML) and HDI PCBs, both of which are expected to show increased usage in the future. In terms of capability and price, ML-PCBs occupy a “sweet spot” as they provide a good routing density at a competitive price, and in the HDI market, with new functionalities such as 5G, and an increased use of 3D sensors from 2020 onwards there is an anticipated boost within the smartphone industry.


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IMC Study of mid-phosphorous and
high phosphorous ENIG finishes
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Did you know?

Typically, a mid-phosphorous Nickel (MP-Ni) has a Phosphorus content (P-content) of 7 – 10 %, and a high-phosphorous Nickel (HP-Ni) will have one between 10 – 12 %.