Process flow for BondFilm® LDD MSAP + LDD MSAP Enhancer

Berlin, 6 July, 2017: Atotech introduces BondFilm® LDD and BondFilm® LDD Enhancer, its latest additions to the BondFilm® product family, the worlds most successful, reliable and omnipresent oxide replacement process for inner layer bonding and LDD pretreatment.

“By being perceptive, foreseeing trends and carefully listening to the needs of our customers, we were able to react to the ever changing market needs and develop this innovative, yet simple low-temperature pretreatment process perfectly in time with the current industry trend to switch to mSAP technology,” states Stephan Hotz, Global Product Manager Surface Treatment Technology at Atotech Deutschland GmbH. “BondFilm® LDD MSAP perfectly prepares the surface for Laser Direct Drilling at a very low etch depth of only 0.5 µm and is tailor-made for thin material handling such as copper foils used for mSAP build ups. Suitable for use with BondFilm® Horizon process equipment, it offers a complete system solution.”

Together with the non-etching post-treatment BondFilm® LDD MSAP Enhancer, which prepares the surface for subsequent process steps, it is the perfect combination to optimize the operation of mass production CO2 lasers in an environment for mSAP applications.

The process can further lever its benefits when applied in Atotech’s Horizon BondFilm® Line. “Atotech’s Horizon BondFilm® can deliver the features it takes to bring up yield while optimizing laser drilling operations,” states Andreas Schatz, Global Product Manager Equipment Electronics at Atotech Deutschland GmbH. „Superior performance at lowest etch depth and excellent uniformity can be achieved with the process control, traceability and particle filtration features the Horizon BondFilm® line offers.”

BondFilm® solutions for LDD pretreatment have been on the market for several years now. Changing market needs, however, have led to a need to significantly reduce the etch depth of the LDD pretreatment process and to introduce a non-etching post-dip which removes all organic residues from the surface.

Atotech’s new BondFilm® LDD and BondFilm® LDD Enhancer meet these new requirements. The process offers uniform roughness and surface characteristics for improved efficiency of laser absorption and reaches a target etch depth of 0.5 µm, while the enhancer does not etch the treated surface at all.