Berlin, June 20, 2023 Atotech, a leading surface finishing brand within the Materials Solutions Division of MKS Instruments, will participate at CII Surface & Coating Expo, which has evolved as India’s Largest and Exclusive Event Focused on Surface Engineering, Preparation, Coatings, Finishing, Corrosion Protection, Environmental Engineering and Technologies. The event is organized by Confederation of Indian Industry and will take place from June 29 – July 1, 2023, at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India.

The 3-day exhibition and conference sets a platform for all the stakeholders of the surface coating industry – manufacturers, distributors, solution providers, traders, end users and policy makers across the globe to meet, network, interact and establish new opportunities.

Product highlights at the show, among others, will be:

Interlox® 5707 Zirconium-based, phosphate-free paint pretreatment process that provides superior paint adhesion and corrosion resistance, long solution life, and reduced waste treatment for a wide variety of metal substrates

Master Remover® 7000 Robust and rapid e-coat removal technology for hooks, racks, and fixtures compatible with ferrous and light metals

Uniprep® – Cutting-edge degreaser with low-working temperature and extended lifespan, designed to significantly reduce energy consumption, environmental management costs, and carbon emissions without compromising quality

BluCr® The safer and more sustainable alternative to hexavalent hard-chrome plating with low friction and good wear-resistance properties

HEEF® HMC High micro-crack count hard chromium process for high corrosion resistance that exhibits all of the benefits of the famous HEEF® processes: high hardness, low friction, excellent wear resistance, ease of use and high quality while improving corrosion resistance with the denser micro-cracked structure

TriChrome® family Cr(VI)-free decorative chromium processes that expand the choice of colors and designs

Covertron® 600 Cr-free pretreatment for plastic metallization suitable for the ABS, ABS/PC, and 2K/3K selective materials that are currently produced with Cr(VI)-based processes

Hiron® – Zinc-iron alloy for high-end corrosion protection with adjustable friction properties and perfect adhesion performance for top coats and many e-coats

Zinni® AL 450 – Alkaline zinc nickel plating process with a stable nickel incorporation of 12 – 15%

Techseal® Black SL VA –  Advanced black top coat with outstanding mounting properties

Zylite® and Protolux® High-performance, environmentally friendly acid and alkaline zinc processes, which produce bright, ductile deposits with uniform thickness distribution

Zinni® 220 – Acid zinc nickel process that combines high plating efficiency with superior thickness and alloy distribution across a wide current density range

Corrosil® 315 L 2X High performance sealer with outstanding features and wide coefficient of friction window

Zintek® ONE HP One layer zinc flake system providing superior corrosion protection

Techseal® Brilliant Silver – Organic silver top coat with a very attractive and shiny appearance

Techdip Black SL (HC) Solvent-based, organic black top coat that masterfully conceals silver and black base coatings

Product and technology experts will be available at our booth 116 to discuss potential applications, solutions and details of our wide range of products.


Conference: Surface & Coating Expo

Date: June 29 – July 1, 2023

Venue: Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India

Booth no.: 116

For more information, please visit: