Atotech will participate in EBRATS 2018 in São Paulo, Latin America’s largest forum for surface treatment. Atotech offers perfectly matched processes for each and every step of the entire spectrum of decorative and functional surface finishing applications — from pretreatment to final sealing. Our product portfolio includes decorative coatings, corrosion protection coatings, wear resistant coatings and paint support technologies. At the EBRATS 2018, we will showcase new processes and successful highlights across our complete product range. Special highlights are:

New processes for plating on plastics / decorative coatings

  • Neolink® E – High quality process for ABS and ABS/PC blends
  • Adhemax®  – A new era for conventional plating on plastics
  • Semilux 100 – High performance semi-bright nickel
  • Cupracid® 6000 – Designed for improved copper distribution
  • TriChrome® Ice – A sustainable alternative to Cr(VI)

Top performance for corrosion protection

  • Zinni® AL 650 – For an exceptional high plating speed
  • Zinni® 220 – Boric acid-free with excellent corrosion protection
  • EcoTri® ONE – ONE passivate for zinc and zinc nickel
  • EcoTri® NF – Fluoride-free passivate
  • Sealer 300 W 2.0 – Breaking new ground for lasting corrosion protection
  • Corrosil® Plus 315L – High performance sealer for automotive fasteners
  • Zintek® ONE HP – Corrosion protection with only one coating layer
  • Zintek® TOP XT – Inorganic top coat with tremendous corrosion protection

Paint support technologies

  • Master Remover® series – High performance paint removal process for wide variety of organic and powder coat coatings and different substrates
  • UniPrep® AC – Safe and affordable way to improve paint performance on laser cuts and welds in spray and immersion application pretreatment lines
  • UniPrep® Cleaners – Long life and low temperature cleaners

Wear resistant coatings

  • BluCr® – The new generation of chrome plating processes based on Cr (III)
  • HEEF® HMC – Fluoride-free hard chromium process
  • ELeVEN® series – Metal-free stabilized electroless nickel process
  • Niflor HP® 118 – Sustainable technology for EN-PTFE process

The event: EBRATS 2018 stands out for the diversity of products, launches and content offered to the market. The event is organized by Cipa Fiera Milano in partnership with ABTS – Brazilian Association of Surface Treatments.

Meet us at the EBRATS 2018!

Date: September 12-15, 2018
Venue: São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, Rodovia dos Imigrantes, km.1,5 Água Funda, São Paulo – SP, 04329-100,São Paulo, Brazil
Atotech booth no.: 1003 and 2004

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