From top left to bottom right: An alkaline zinc fastener after plating, an alkaline zinc fastener after baking at 210 °C for 6 hours, an acid zinc fastener after plating and an acid zinc fastener after baking at 210 °C for 6 hours.

Berlin, February 2018: Cobalt has been widely used in conversion coatings as it’s a key contributor to heat resistance and corrosion protection. With a steadily increasing cobalt price, the industries are calling for a cobalt-free alternative without sacrificing performance.

EcoTri® NoCo 2.0 is Atotech’s new high performance Cr(III)-based iridescent passivate for alkaline and acid zinc, completely cobalt and fluoride-free. The newest generation offers an innovative feature that is unique to cobalt-free passivates: the ability to withstand hydrogen de-embrittlement baking even after passivation. After baking at 210 °C for 6 – 8 hours, EcoTri® NoCo 2.0 exhibits no significant changes in appearance or evidence of corrosion. It shows excellent color stability even after baking. 96 – 120 h against white corrosion in barrel application and 120 – 168 h in rack application are proven after baking.

The chemical reaction of Cr(III)-based passivates – also referred to as conversion coatings – releases a precipitation of Cr(OH)3 and the acidic attack of the zinc surfaces. EcoTri® NoCo 2.0 shows reduced attack to zinc surfaces and consumption of additives which consequently increase the lifetime of the passivate.

“EcoTri® NoCo 2.0 makes us very proud” explains Markus Ahr, Global Product Manager for Corrosion Resistant Coatings at Atotech. “It manifests our innovative strength and also our insistence towards achieving previously unattainable results. A cobalt-free thickfilm passivate for zinc offering the same high performance as cobalt-containing passivates truly is a milestone. It helps our customers reduce the environmental footprint and saving costs”, Markus Ahr concludes.

For many years, Atotech’s brand EcoTri® stands for excellent corrosion protection and reliability. Products from the EcoTri® range are widely recognized and approved by the automotive industry. In line with Atotech’s strategy to provide sustainable plating solutions, new generations of EcoTri® products offer simplified wastewater treatment and economic operation at ambient temperature without compromising performance.