Berlin, September 6, 2021 – Visit Atotech at Eurosurfas in Barcelona, Spain on September 14 – 17, 2021. Eurosurfas held in Fira Barcelona shows industry news related to sectors like paints and surface treatment, software, and industrial fairs.

Meet our experts to discuss leading solutions in paint support technologies, for corrosion protection and decorative surfaces. We will be highlighting our best-in-class products developed to meet the requirements of the automotive, construction and renewable energy industries, as well as several others.

Our innovative and sustainable processes for today’s paint applicators are:

  • UniPrep® long-life cleaners together with UniPrep® ISOtect, the specialized oil elimination equipment,
  • Master Remover® paint removal processes, which now can be installed inhouse due to Master Remover® ESPRIT, the paint stripping unit available in a large variety of configurations, and
  • Kleer Aid® EZ Treat 2.0 AC our cost-effective answer to paint overspray requirements

Sustainable processes for decorative surfaces and plating on plastics include:

Covertron® 600   ̶   our industry approved, Cr(VI)-free etching process for the metallization of plastics is able to deliver similar performance and quality as the current Cr(VI) benchmark. Compatible with immersion copper as well as nickel strike, it allows for a simple integration into plating lines.

Atotech’s processes for decorative applications   ̶   TriChrome® family together with our satin nickel processes provide designers with innovative solutions and the greatest freedom of choice.

We have broadened our TriChrome® range with:

TriChrome® Phantom a near-black dark color complementing designer’s freedom of choice

TriChrome® Graphite a warm dark color that provides an elegant appearance

TriChrome® Black today’s darkest color offers designers new design prospects

Highlighted innovative and sustainable processes for the best corrosion protection are:

Zinni® 220, an acid zinc-nickel system that has thickness distribution like alkaline zinc nickel combines outstanding corrosion protective properties with an improved throwing power resulting in higher thickness in low current density areas. Depending on the requirements, Zinni® 220 allows to choose between bright, semi-bright or matt coatings.

Atotech`s zinc flake technology provides a high grade of corrosion protection using combinations of specialized base and top coats. Zintek® ONE HP, a ONE-coat zinc flake finish, provides reliable corrosion protection while helping to reduce process & handling costs and energy consumption. Coupled with Zintek® Top XT, or various top coats, performance exceeds 1,000 hours Neutral Salt Spray.

In the range of sustainable wear resistant coatings, we proudly present our industry-approved trivalent hard chromium process BluCr®. BluCr® makes it simple to replace hexavalent hard chrome coatings for many applications. Utilizing a nickel underlayer BluCr® easily outperforms the corrosion resistance of single-layer hexavalent hard chrome coatings.

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona and to sharing our innovate functional and decorative plating solutions with you.


Date: September 14 – 17, 2021

Venue: Fira Barcelona, Gran Via Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Atotech Booth No.: Pavilion 3, E93

For registration, please visit: