Berlin, March 13, 2023 Atotech, a leading surface finishing brand within the Materials Solutions Division of MKS Instruments, will participate in the Fastener Fair Global 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany, from March 21 – 23.

Fastener Fair Global is the international flagship event of the Fastener Fair series dedicated to fastener and fixing technology. Today, the technology for fasteners and fixings reaches beyond the regularly used screws, nuts, bolts, and pins. Fasteners and fastening systems are crucial elements in numerous production sectors, from home appliances to high-tech applications in the automobile, aerospace, and construction industries.

The Atotech product line comprises a vast array of electroplating technologies including zinc, zinc nickel, zinc iron electrolytes combined with appropriate post-treatment of passivates, sealers or top coats.  We also offer zinc flake coating systems formed of base coats and top coats. Both portfolios of process ensure high corrosion protection, stable and specific clamping forces, and improved contact corrosion.

We will showcase our latest innovations and highly regarded products for you at the show with highlights like:

Hiron®  ̶  Zinc iron alloy for high-end corrosion protection with adjustable friction properties and perfect adhesion performance for top coats and e-coats

Zinni® 220  ̶  Boric acid and ammonia-free acid zinc nickel electrolyte providing excellent corrosion protection

Zintek® ONE HP –  One-layer zinc flake system providing superior corrosion protection

Zintek® 200 + Zintek® Top LV  ̶  A single coating system that fulfills automotive OEM specifications in terms of complex coefficient of friction requirements for multiple mountings and heat loosening properties

Zintek® Top XT – Inorganic, clear top coat providing 1,000 hours NSST at 2-3 µm when applied over Zintek® ONE HP base coat.  Total dry film thickness between 8 – 11 µm with 1,000 hours NSST corrosion performance.  Zintek® Top XT can be applied on top of zinc flake base coat, or electroplated and passivated layers. 

UniPrep®  ̶   Long life, low temperature degreasing solutions requiring less frequent cleaner make-ups, reducing energy consumption and wastewater treatment burden


Be sure to stop by our booth 956 to learn more about our innovative corrosion protection systems from our technical experts. We look forward to seeing you there!


Conference: Fastener Fair Global 2023

Date: March 21 — 23, 2023

Venue: Messe Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

Booth no.: 956| hall 1

For more information, please visit: