Berlin, May 17, 2023 Atotech, a leading surface finishing brand within the Materials Solutions Division of MKS Instruments, will participate in the Fastener Fair India in Mumbai, from June 1 – 3.

Fastener Fair India 2023 is the most influential and dedicated business-to-business event catering to the rapidly growing fastener and fixing industry in India. The event provides excellent networking opportunities to all industry professionals.

The Atotech product line for fastener and fixings components comprises a vast array of electroplating technologies including zinc, zinc nickel, zinc iron electrolytes as well as passivates, sealers and top coats. Complementing our electrolytic surface finishing technologies, we have offer a broad range of zinc flake coating systems. Our corrosion protection processes ensure highest corrosion protection, defined friction properties, meeting the most demanding requirements of the automotive industry and other applications.

We will showcase our latest innovations at the show, including:

Zinc and zinc nickel processes:
Zylite® and Protolux® – High-performance, environmentally friendly acid and alkaline zinc processes which provide uniform thickness distribution of bright and ductile deposits

Zinni® 220 Acid zinc nickel process that combines high plating efficiency with superior thickness and alloy distribution across a wide current density range

Zinni® AL 450 Alkaline zinc nickel plating process with stable nickel incorporation of 12   ̶   15%, combining highest stability to improve the productivity and efficiency

Tridur® and EcoTri® High-performance trivalent chromium processes for the entire color spectrum (blue, black, yellow, iridescent) for zinc and zinc alloys. In combining with the Tricotect® auxiliary equipment best plating quality can be achieved at reduced consumption of resources


Corrosil® Plus 315 L –  High-performance transparent sealer that meets the latest coefficient of friction specifications of several automotive manufacturers

Zinc flake processes:

Zintek® 200 Sustainable premium silver base coat with top-notch adhesion and coverage properties approved  by several automotive OEMs

Zintek® 200 SL F – Cost-efficient two-layer base coat system with integrated lubricant for safety labeled fasteners

Zintek® ONE HP Single layer zinc flake base coat providing superior corrosion protection of up to 720h at NSST with one layer only

Zintek® Top XT Inorganic-based, clear top coat that, when applied over the  Zintek® ONE HP base coat, provides 1,000 hours NSST.  Zintek® Top XT can also be applied over electroplated and passivated layers

Zintek® Top LV Thin-layered, silicate-based top coat providing enhanced corrosion protection, required controlled CoF and heat loosening properties

Techseal® Brilliant Silver Organic silver top coat that provides the attractive and shiny look of a zinc deposit

Zintek® 300 HP Black zinc flake base coat that, in combination with Atotech top coats, provides an attractive uniform black appearance and excellent corrosion protection

Techseal® Glossy Black SL Solvent based, organic black top coat that provides an uniform and attractive piano black appearance, excellent corrosion protection and controlled friction properties

Techseal® Black SL T Solvent-based, organic black top coat with a uniform attractive matt black finish providing excellent corrosion protection with increased white corrosion resistance

Techdip® Black SL HC – Solvent-based, organic black top coat exhibiting a high hiding power on silver and black base coats, providing an appealing uniform black appearance with an enhanced UV stability

Join us at booth B-10 and take the opportunity to discuss new ideas and technologies with our Atotech experts on site. We look forward to meeting you there!


Conference: Fastener Fair India

Date: June 1 — 3, 2023

Venue: Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai

Booth no.: B-10

For more information, please visit: