Fiat Chrysler approves TriChrome® Plus in combination with Satilume® Plus for new decorative satin trivalent chromium finish color code CM626

BERLIN, Germany August 2020: Atotech is very pleased to announce the approval by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (“FCA”) for CM626.

At FCA, CM626 is the new color code for a decorative satin trivalent chromium finish for interior and exterior applications. In order to create this specific color, Satilume® Plus and TriChrome® Plus chemistry has been used. The combination of both processes is approved for the FCA specifications PS 50014, PS 50044, and PS 50045.

These specifications were primarily developed for two plating processes. One is “Copper-nickel-chromium (chromium-plating) on thermoplastic parts” (PS 50014) with “Alternative nickel chromium plating finishes with multiple decorative satin appearances – interior and exterior” (PS 50044). The other one is “Alternative trivalent chromium plating finishes with resistance to high chloride corrosion – decorative – interior and exterior” (PS 50045).

Matteo Damiani, OEM Manager at Atotech said: “We are proud to have demonstrated the benefits of our TriChrome® Plus and Satilume® Plus processes to FCA’s designers and engineers. We are very pleased they understand and value the technology we bring to the automotive surface finishing industry and decided to approve our solution.”

Atotech’s TriChrome® processes are suitable for metal-based applications, plating on plastics and nickel-free intermediate layers such as white bronze, and offer unique alloy properties, the highest plating speed, and excellent calcium chloride resistance TriChrome® is a tried-and-trusted technology that has been used worldwide for over 30 years in a variety of applications such as automotive, sanitary, cosmetics, consumer goods, consumer electronics, furniture, and is currently in use at more than 200 customers globally.

Atotech’s Satilume® Plus is our long trusted satin nickel process family, developed specifically for the automotive industry. Products from the Satilume® Plus range provide a variety of fine, regular and very attractive surfaces with a silky and matt decorative appearance.

Within the automotive industry, Atotech’s TriChrome® processes in combination with the Satilume® Plus processes have been approved by numerous OEMs worldwide. This combination provides designers with innovative solutions and the greatest freedom of choice for interior and exterior finishes.


Original Equipment Manufacturer (“OEM”)