Two major French OEMs approve Zintek® 200 SL F 

BERLIN, Germany April 2020: Atotech’s two-coat system, Zintek® 200 SL F, has been approved to meet French OEM standards for protection of fastener systems.

“Atotech’s zinc flake coatings provide advanced corrosion protection and fulfill the requirements of a substantial number of OEM specifications. Featuring high corrosion protection, controlled friction properties and a reduced number of coating layers, Zintek® 200 SL F represents a cost-efficient solution, perfectly in line with the French OEMs’ demanding requirements,” explains Jean-Louis Baudoin, Atotech OEM Manager France, who was leading the approval project.

In addition to its very good adhesion properties Atotech’s Zintek® 200 SL F shows an excellent cathodic corrosion protection. According to the standards for protection of fastener systems, a coating must maintain corrosion resistance in the neutral salt spray test (ISO 9227) without base metal corrosion, for at least 600 hours. Zintek® 200 SL F exceeds this, lasting for more than 1000 hours without corroding.

Unlike conventional anti-corrosion systems, which are based on zinc flake coatings consisting of two base coat layers and one top coat layer, Atotech’s Zintek® 200 SL F system saves one layer by incorporating just two self-lubricated corrosion protection layers that provide a controlled coefficient of friction (CoF). Compared to a three-coat-system, the silver base coat two-layer system with integrated lubricant enables a lower deviation of coefficients of friction, giving a centered COF in the range of 0.12 to 0.18.

Zintek® 200 SL F fulfills friction requirements defined by both OEMs on diverse materials, such as aluminum, galvanized steel and e-coated steel. Even with two lubricated layers the Zintek® 200 SL F solution does not exhibit a “stick-slip” effect. Thus, the system is recommended for the coating of safety labeled fasteners and parts.

Features and benefits of Zintek® 200 SL F

  • Industry proven two-coat system approved for standards for protection of fastener systems
  • Recommended for the coating of safety labeled fasteners and parts
  • No hydrogen embrittlement
  • Maintains a centered CoF in the range of 0.12 – 0.18 without a stick-slip effect
  • Production proven for a minimum of 600 hours NSST against base metal corrosion
  • Provides >1000 hours NSST without base metal corrosion, even with regard to complex part geometry
  • Cost efficient (no top coat layer) providing higher productivity by increasing coating line capacity


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