Atotech’s revolutionary next generation of fume suppressants for hexavalent hard chrome plating processes  ̶  non-PFAS and fluorine-free

Image 1:

Chrome plating bath showing the dense foam barrier layer formed by the Fumalock® additives
BERLIN, April 2021: Atotech, a leading global supplier of specialty surface-finishing solutions, announced the global launch of Fumalock®, the first non-PFAS, fluorine-free fume suppressant for hexavalent hard chrome processes on the global market.

“We are pleased to offer the first fluorine-free, non-PFOS, non-PFAS fume suppressant for the global market. Thanks to Fumalock®, our customers will no longer need to utilize PFAS substances in their hard chrome plating operations”, said Josep Sans, Global Product Director of Wear Resistant Coatings at Atotech.

Fumalock® is a highly effective fume suppressing process that is designed to form a dense foam barrier layer, which helps to prevent the exhaust of hazardous aerosols. The new fume suppressant achieves two to four times lower values of emissions compared to existing processes. Fumalock® provides an excellent balance between a controlled foam blanket and the reduction of surface tension to values below 40 (30-37) mN/m.  It exhibits a wide operating window and an adjustable foam blanket thickness. Additionally, the fume suppressant possesses strong resistance to hard water and excellent tolerance to metal impurities.

Fumalock®’s effective reduction of chromic acid mist during the plating operation facilitates a safer working environment, and also reduces the possibility of contaminating peripherals around the plating tank by chromic acid fumes. As a result, it helps to increase the longevity of plating equipment and related ventilation systems.

With Fumalock® Atotech has developed an environmentally friendly fume suppressing process, which is easy to control and operate, and demonstrates improved performance over existing fume suppressants available today.

Fumalock® is one of Atotech’s innovative contributions to a sustainable future for the hard chrome plating industry.