Atotech GMF Seminar 2023

Seminar registration form

Place: Janów Podlaski Castle, Poland

Date: September 19 – 21, 2023

Time: 3:00 p.m. CEST

Rooms at the Janów Podlaski Castle Hotel are offered at the following prices:
– 360 PLN net per night/ single room with breakfast
– 410 PLN net per night/ double room with breakfast
8 % VAT should be added to the above prices.

Check-in starts at 16.00. In the case of earlier arrivals, availability of booked hotel rooms will depend on availability.

Check-in time is 10.00 am.

In order to reserve rooms and to participate in the seminar, we kindly ask you to fill in the reservation form.

Registration cost: 150 PLN/person (net).

Details of the hotel location are available at :

    Please make a binding confirmation of your overnight stay:

    Please confirm your accommodation:

    In case of a double room please fill in name and surname of the additional person, in case of booking a single room or no accomodation, please fill in "not applicable":

    Additional services: Parking 20 PLN gross/day:

    Attend seminar day 1, September 19:

    Participate at dinner day 1, September 19:

    Attend seminar day 2, September 20:

    Participate at lunch day 2, September 20:

    Participate at dinner day 2, September 20:

    Attend seminar day 3, September 21:

    Comments / special wishes regarding food:

    In case of any questions, please contact:
    Atotech Poland Sp. z o.o., Ul. Marcelińska 92/94, 60-324 Poznań, Tel. 61 662 27 35
    Karolina Bochniak at or tel. 519 164 204

    or Rafał Janowicz or tel. 506 176 303

    If a booking has been made successfully, a confirmation message will be displayed when the application has been completed. In case of cancellation or non-use of the reservation, Atotech Poland will have to charge you for the entire stay.