Berlin, October 05, 2022 Atotech, a brand within the Materials Solutions Division of MKS Instruments, is excited to exhibit at this year’s IFE (International Fastener Expo) which takes place in Las Vegas, USA from October 17  ̶  19, 2022.

The domestic and international fastener industry has met and networked on an annual basis during the IFE, the largest B2B expo for fasteners in North America, for more than 40 years.
The event consists of an all-day conference program and a show floor with hundreds of exhibitors from around the world.

MKS’ Atotech special hybrid coating systems combine zinc or zinc nickel, passivates, and top coats, and they provide extraordinary corrosion protection with an appealing and durable appearance. Our combined coating systems allow the fastener industry to keep up with continuous improvement requirements for corrosion resistance, durability, appearance, and coefficient of friction.

Other Atotech product highlights at the show will include:

Zinc flake coating solutions:

Zintek® ONE HP –  One-layer zinc-flake system providing superior corrosion protection

Techseal® Brilliant Silver –  Organic silver top coat with a very attractive and shiny appearance

Techseal® Glossy Black SL – Attractive uniform matt-black appearance with increased white corrosion resistance

Techdip® Black SL HC2 Organic black top coat with excellent coverage on silver and black base coats providing an appealing, uniform black appearance

Electrolytic zinc and zinc nickel processes:

Zylite® family High-performance acid zinc electrolytes providing high-gloss coatings with superior covering properties and a decorative chromium-like appearance

Zinni® 220 – Boric acid, ammonia-free acid zinc nickel electrolyte providing excellent corrosion protection

EcoTri® NC Cr(III)-based, cobalt-free, environmentally sound passivates offering high corrosion protection

Join us at booth 1655 to discuss the latest in technological advancements, industrial challenges and solutions, and environmental concerns.

Conference: IFE (International Fastener EXPO)

Date: October 17  ̶  19, 2022

Venue: Mandalay Bay Conference Center (Las Vegas, NV)

Atotech booth no.: 1655

For more information, please visit: