Berlin, March 6, 2023 Atotech, a leading surface finishing brand within the Materials Solutions Division of MKS Instruments, announced that it will participate in the InterBattery 2023 exhibition held at COEX, Seoul for three days from March 15 – 17.

The InterBattery 2023 will be hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy as well as the Korea Battery Industry Association and COEX. Held for the first time in 2013, it is Korea’s largest secondary battery industry specialized exhibition that looks into the future of domestic and foreign secondary battery industries.

At this show, we will present our leading surface-finishing solutions for EV, HEV and PHEV batteries. Our portfolio at the event will also include adhesion promotion processes for current collectors, pretreatment, anti-tarnishes and silver, nickel, and tin plating processes for connectors and busbars as well as IGBT heat sink and aluminum scroll compressor application. We will also be showcasing solutions with improved sustainability for battery housings and fasteners, highly conductive and soft magnetic electroplated layers for electromagnetic shielding, and improved corrosion protection for anode lead tabs preventing the formation of hydrofluoric acid within the battery pouch pack.

Our product highlights are:

Copper plating processes for thin and low stress foils

Cupracid® HCD  ̶  High-speed copper plating process with good ductility and low internal stress resulting in low warpage

Bondfilm®  ̶   Adhesion promoter providing surface roughness and surface increase for an improved Cu-current collector to binder adhesion


Pretreatment processes for aluminum foil plating

Uniclean® 151  ̶   Non-etch soak cleaner with high cleaning power and contamination retention

Uniclean® 1020  ̶   Alkaline etch with high metal sequestration for longer lifetimes


Pretreatment and plating processes for busbars and connectors

NovoPlate® HS  ̶   High-speed corrosion resistance nickel-phosphorous coating (> 12% P)

SuperDip Cu 1000  ̶   Surface cleaning processes for aluminum and its alloys


Sustainable solutions for battery housings and battery fasteners

UniPrep®  ̶  Long life, low-temperature degreasers suitable for steel and aluminum battery components

Interlox®  ̶  Zirconium-based conversion coatings and passivates for enhanced corrosion protection and paint adhesion

Master Remover®  ̶   Sustainable paint removal process ideal for part reclamation and rack and fixture cleaning

Zinni® + Reflectalloy®  ̶   Acid and alkaline zinc nickel electrolytes for highest corrosion protection requirements, significant carbon footprint reduction possible with Atotech’s unique auxiliary equipment

Hiron® + EcoTri® NC + Sealer 350 WL8  ̶   Nickel- and cobalt-free system for high corrosion protection with adjusted coefficient of friction properties

Nichem® HP 1170  ̶  High phosphorus electroless nickel process providing very uniform coating thickness and the highest level of corrosion protection on all types of substrates. Ideal for applications were contact with wet & humid environments is required.


For more information about our innovative and sustainable solutions for batteries, visit our booth R305 in hall B and take the opportunity to discuss new ideas and technologies with our technical experts on site. We look forward to meeting you there!


Conference: InterBattery

Date: March 15 – 17, 2023

Venue: COEX, Seoul, Korea

Booth no.: R305, hall B


For more information, please visit: