Berlin, September 30, 2022 Atotech, a brand within the Materials Solutions Division of MKS Instruments, is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming IZB (International Suppliers Fair) in Wolfsburg, Germany from October 11 – 13, 2022.

The IZB is Europe’s leading trade fair for the automotive supplier industry representing the entire automotive value chain. It is the top marketplace for pioneering innovations.

Our nuanced understanding of the requirements of automotive manufacturers, OEMs, and their suppliers combined with our expertise in surface finishing, enables us to provide customized solutions that meet the industry’s stringent performance and quality requirements. By providing the right surface finishes for new car exterior and interior materials, or improving comfort, safety, and entertainment, we help complete the driving experience. MKS’ wet chemical process solutions and equipment marketed under the Atotech brand are designed to use water, energy, and raw materials with high efficiency, reusing and recycling wherever possible. We have made an uncompromising commitment to eliminate harmful substances from our products and processes, such as CMR and toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and allergenics.

 Special fair features are:

Cr(VI)-free solutions for automotive interior and exterior decorative surfaces:

Covertron® 600  ̶  Cr(VI)-free plastic pretreatment process, yields performance and quality similar to traditional Cr(VI) processes

TriChrome® series  ̶  Trivalent chromium processes for decorative applications, suitable for metal-based and plastic applications

Solutions for battery housings:

UniPrep®  ̶  Long life, low-temperature degreasers suitable for steel and aluminum battery components

Interlox®  ̶  Zirconium-based conversion coatings and passivates for enhanced corrosion protection and paint adhesion

Master Remover®  ̶  Sustainable paint removal process ideal for part reclamation and rack and fixture cleaning

Reflectalloy® and Zinni® series – Zinc nickel electrolytes for highest corrosion protection of steel battery housings

EcoTri® and Tridur® series – Cr(III)-based passivates to enhance corrosion protection and paint adhesion

Solutions for cathode and anode current collectors:

Cupracid® HCD  ̶  High-speed copper plating process with good ductility and low internal stress resulting in low warpage

Nichem® HP 1170  ̶  High-phosphorus electroless nickel process offers an exceptionally high level of corrosion protection in acidic conditions

Surface finishing solutions for busbars and connectors:

Argalin® XL  ̶  Chromium-based anti-tarnish, ROHS compatible (CrIII) for silver, copper, and nickel

Corrosion protection solutions for fasteners connecting wiring system components for high conductivity:

Hiron®  ̶  Zinc-iron alloy for high-end corrosion protection with adjustable friction properties and perfect adhesion performance for topcoats and many e-coats

Cr(VI)-free solutions for shock absorber rods:

BluCr®  ̶   Trivalent chromium process providing low friction and excellent wear resistance

Wear resistant solutions for scroll compressors:

ELeVEN® LP 350  ̶  Low phosphorus electroless nickel process providing excellent corrosion & wear resistance

Visitors to the IZB are invited to stop by the MKS’ Atotech booth 3133 in hall 3 to talk to our experts and to learn about our latest innovations.


Conference: IZB (Internationale Zuliefererbörse)

Date: October 11  ̶  13, 2022

Venue: Wolfsburg Allerpark

Booth no.: 3133 | hall 3

For more information, please visit: