BERLIN, Germany – August 22, 2022 – Atotech, a leading global supplier of specialty surface-finishing solutions, announces the global launch of KleerAid® EZ Treat 2.0  ̶  a sustainable, efficient and cost-effective paint overspray treatment process.

Continuing our commitment to superior paint overspray treatment, Atotech is introducing KleerAid® EZ Treat 2.0. This latest development addresses common problems associated with paint detackification, such as sticky paint sludge, high quantity of waste, and foaming and dirtiness issues. Offering a powerful, streamlined overspray treatment process, KleerAid® EZ Treat 2.0 helps in providing the right solution for these wet paint technical challenges frequently facing OEMs and Tiers.

“Within the last few years, we have put a lot of effort into developing our KleerAid® EZ Treat 2.0 process for the benefit of our customers. Our goal was to make the process more environmentally friendly and economical. We are proud to offer a sustainable process that is a cost-effective alternative compared to existing products in the market that, additionally, helps to reduce operational costs,” says Brian List, Global Product Director of Paint Support Technologies (PST) at Atotech.

KleerAid® EZ Treat 2.0 is a paint overspray treatment, suitable for waterborne, solvent-borne, and mixed paint systems, which substantially reduces COD, stabilizes parameters such as total suspended solids, sludge water content, and dissolved oxygen, while reducing maintenance and equipment cleaning requirements. The sludge stickiness reduction provided by superior detackification will maintain a cleaner system, preventing paint booth and sluiceways from blockage and subsequently reducing cleaning frequency. Lower water content in collected paint sludge will minimize waste disposal volume, lessening the environmental impact and reducing operating costs

The process combines two products, a coagulant and a detackifier, in a simplified solution providing process improvements and significant savings in the paint overspray process. The new product process streamlines the dosing procedure, reduces chemical consumption by up to 60%, improves treatment stability which results in more consistent water quality.

KleerAid® EZ Treat 2.0 allows for greater treatment flexibility and helps reduce the need for extra additives. By preventing sludge accumulation and clogging, the process significantly decreases service and maintenance requirements while simultaneously ensuring water clarity. Thus, KleerAid® EZ Treat 2.0 is an easy and effective way to save on labor and maintenance while improving sustainability and reducing costs by minimizing water consumption and waste generation.


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