Seoul, September 15, 2022   ̶  Atotech, a brand within the Materials Solutions Division of MKS Instruments is pleased to announce its participation in the leading tradeshow for the metal industry in Korea – Korea Metal Week, at the Exhibition Center in KINTEX, South Korea from September 21 – 23.

Experts engaged in industry, R&D, and all production aspects from numerous sectors, like fastener and wire, foundry and die casting, automobile, and machine parts, press and forging, tube and pipe, metal surface treatment, and painting, 3D technology, aluminum, laser, and welding, and many more will be presenting everything from raw materials, semi-finished, finished products and surface treatments through to machinery, equipment, and accessories.

Our show highlights will be:

Cr(VI)-free, non-PFAS, non-PFOS functional and decorative plating solutions:

TriChrome® ̶  Cr(VI)-free decorative chromium plating encompassing the whole color palette – ranging from a bright appearance to darker shades

BluCr®  ̶  The safer and more sustainable alternative to hexavalent hard-chrome plating with low friction and good wear-resistance properties

Fumalock®  ̶   A new generation of more sustainable, fluorine-free, fume suppressants

Electroless nickel processes for applications in a wide range of industries:

Nichem HP® 1151  ̶   A lead-free, high phosphorous electroless nickel process for superior corrosion protection

Nichem MP® 1188  ̶  A fully bright, mid phosphorus electroless nickel plating process

Nichem MP® 400  ̶  An ultra-bright, mid phosphorus electroless nickel process for applications in the consumer electronics, white goods, furniture and automotive industries

Sustainable solutions for cleaning, stripping and pretreatment:

UniStrip® Rachstrip AF  ̶  Ammonia- and amine-free electrolytic rack stripper removing copper, nickel and chromium

Join us at booth D114 to discuss the latest in technological advancements, industrial applications, and environmental concerns.

Conference: Korea Metal Week 2022

Date: September 21 – 23, 2022

Venue: Hall 3, Exhibition Center 1, KINTEX, S.Korea

Atotech booth no.: D114

For more information, please visit: