Berlin, July 10 – MKS’ Atotech announced today that its Printoganth® RC product series has been certified to meet all requirements for ISO 14021:2016 by SGS, an internationally renowned testing, inspection, and certification company. This certification marks an important milestone in the company’s efforts to support customers and OEMs along their sustainability journey.

Harald Ahnert, Vice President and General Manager of MKS Materials Solutions Division’s Electronics business said: “We understand the importance of sustainable production for the industries we serve as the need for manufacturers to live up to the 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Replace) has become more important than ever across global supply chains as countries and industries alike continue to advance their sustainability goals.

“We are pleased to play our part and are proud that MKS’ Atotech brand today is recognized around the world as a complete solutions provider, offering customers and OEMs a wide variety of advanced and environmentally-sound production equipment and process chemicals for the manufacture of mission-critical electronic components. By utilizing systems designed around the efficient use of water, energy, and raw materials, we can contribute to reduced waste while generating greater savings for our customers.”

Harald Ahnert noted that the Atotech brand has a storied and successful history of introducing standard-setting solutions to build its comprehensive portfolio that has earned it a reputation for high-quality and reliable solutions that help customers reduce their environmental impact.

One example is MKS’ Atotech innovative processes using recycled copper. By offering electroless copper products based on 100% recycled copper, MKS reinforces its position as a pioneer in providing sustainable surface modification, metallization, plating, and finishing solutions for the manufacturing of printed circuit boards and package substrates with verified chemicals for advanced processing.

Harald Ahnert concluded: “Our goal is not just to comply with today’s chemical regulations but to continually raise standards to produce solutions as environmentally friendly as possible, with our ultimate goal of enabling customers to produce next-generation products, improve production efficiency, save energy, and reduce their environmental footprint.”