Berlin, Germany – October 17, 2022 Atotech, MKS Instruments’ globally leading brand in surface-finishing solutions, will participate at this year’s Taiwan Circuit Industry International Exhibition (TPCA Show) and International Microsystems, Packaging, Assembly and Circuits Technology Conferences (IMPACT) to be held in Taipei, Taiwan from October 26-28, 2022.

Daniel Schmidt, Director Global Marketing Electronics at MKS’ Atotech said: “This year, the list of leading technology firms which join and present at this unique event is extraordinary. We are excited to host two IMPACT industrial forums, one on ‘High-speed computing for edge computing applications’ and one on ‘Advanced packaging for data and server applications.” Atotech experts will contribute two paper presentations during these sessions on October 26. In addition, Atotech experts will present five more technical papers on October 27 and 28, at the regular IMPACT technical conference.

Throughout TPCA show, experts from MKS’ Atotech and ESI brands will be available at booth 4F: #N-720 to discuss latest industry trends and challenges. To the audience, they will introduce the new combined product offering, consisting of PCB production equipment (wet-to-wet process equipment, laser systems, and auxiliaries), chemistry, software, and service.

Product highlights at the show include: 

V-Plate®: Vertical continuous Cu plating technology of choice for advanced HDI & IC substrate

EcoFlash® S300: Differential etching for advanced SAP manufacturing

CapstoneTM: High-performance breakthrough productivity for flex PCB UV drilling

GeodeTM:  High-precision CO2 via drilling for HDI PCB manufacturing and IC packaging

InPro® SAP6: The new standard for IC substrates – High current density, productivity, and quality

Printoganth® MV TP2: Next-generation electroless copper for fine-line SAP applications

Stanna-CAT®: A new autocatalytic process for tin deposition

NEAP: Non-etching adhesion promoter for lead frames


Atotech IMPACT Industrial Forum participation:
1:10 p.m. – 3:10 p.m. | Session theme: High-speed PCB for edge computing applications

3:40 p.m. – 5:40 p.m. | Session theme: Advanced packaging for data center / server applications

Atotech IMPACT Technical Conference participation:


For more information please visit: TPCA Show – Exhibition for PCB, Assembly, Thermal and Green Tech Industry


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Atotech, a brand within the Materials Solutions Division of MKS Instruments, develops leading process and manufacturing technologies for advanced surface modification, electroless and electrolytic plating, and surface finishing. Applying a comprehensive systems-and-solutions approach, Atotech’s portfolio includes chemistry, equipment, software, and services for innovative and high-technology applications. These solutions are used in a wide variety of end-markets, including datacenter, consumer electronics and communications infrastructure, as well as in numerous industrial and consumer applications such as automotive, heavy machinery, and household appliances.

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