Berlin, March 20 – Today, MKS Instruments announced its participation in the upcoming CPCA Show 2023, the international electronic circuits exhibition in Shanghai, China held from March 22-24, 2023. MKS will be present with representatives from two of its strategic brands, Atotech and ESI, and present its latest products and manufacturing solution for printed circuit board and package substrate manufacturing.

Product experts from overseas will be joining the local team and be available to discuss the latest industry trends and challenges, as well as introduce the new combined product offering consisting of PCB production equipment (wet-to-wet process equipment, laser systems, and auxiliaries), chemistry, software, and service. The company will be exhibiting at booth 7T26 and this year’s product highlights include:

V-Plate®: The new gold standard for vertical conveyor plating equipment for next-generation HDI PCB and package substrates

InPro® SAP6: The new high-end electrolyte for vertical processing of next-generation package substrates

New Uniplate®: The industry-leading horizontal plating tool for next-generation HDI PCBs and package substrates manufacturing

Printoganth® MV TP2: Next-generation electroless copper for fine-line SAP applications

BondFilm® EX: New bonding enhancement solution for low signal loss high-frequency applications

PallaBond®: Direct pure EPAG for high-end circuitry and reliability application

CapstoneTM: Flex PCB UV drilling tool for high-performance breakthrough productivity

GeodeTM: HDI PCB and package substrate high-precision CO2 via drilling tool


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