Atotech completes its sustainable paint removal system for in-house paint stripping with the Master Remover® ESPRIT unit

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Complete Master Remover® ESPRIT paint removal tank system

BERLIN, June 2021:  Atotech, a leading global supplier of specialty surface-finishing processes, announced the global launch of Master Remover® ESPRIT. This paint stripping equipment, in combination with Atotech’s Master Remover® chemical process line, provides a precisely matched, high-quality, efficient, and sustainable in-house paint stripping solution for paint applicators.

“We are pleased to introduce Master Remover® ESPRIT (Efficient Sustainable Paint Removal Integrated Technology), a revolutionary turnkey system that enables the best possible performance of our versatile Master Remover® 7000 and Master Remover® 2000S processes. As an ultimate tool to our chemical paint removal processes already established in the market, Master Remover® ESPRIT perfectly complements our offering and now provides paint applicators with an easy and efficient way to set up in-house paint removal systems,” said Brian List, Global Product Director Paint Support Technologies (PST) at Atotech.

Master Remover® ESPRIT is a robust, skid-mounted paint stripping unit designed as a plug-and-play solution to best meet the specific needs of each applicator. The modular system includes a number of features that enable Atotech’s Master Remover® chemical processes to operate at peak efficiency and sustainability, reducing energy consumption and waste significantly.

The Master Remover® ESPRIT is available in a range of sizes and can be adapted to suit almost any paint applicator requirement. It is the ideal paint stripping system for cleaning jigs, tools, and fixture cleaning as well as part reclamation. Regardless of the paint type (e-coat/KTL, liquid paint, powder paint, or mixed paint system), Master Remover® ESPRIT, in conjunction with the corresponding Master Remover® process, significantly and effectively reduces the amount of work involved in paint stripping.

As a system-based approach, Master Remover® is ideally suited to the needs of paint applicators and is available in a variety of configurations. Atotech specialists advise on the optimal module based on customer requirements, paint stripping evaluation and Master Remover® process selection. The result is that our customers receive the system best suited to their needs to ensure maximum performance with lower consumption.

The Master Remover® ESPRIT unit is the latest development in Atotech’s broad range of sustainability-enhancing tools and auxiliary equipment that further strengthen sustainable production goals.