Improving resistance against corrosive environments with Nichem® HP 1170 – a high-phosphorous electroless nickel process

Image 1:
Ball valve plated with Nichem® HP 1170

BERLIN, January 2022: Atotech, a leading global supplier of specialty surface-finishing solutions, announces the global launch of its innovative high-phosphorus electroless nickel process, Nichem® HP 1170.

Nichem® HP 1170 provides superior corrosion resistance in acidic environments, especially those containing nitrates, chlorides, and sulfides with a deposit consisting of >10% phosphorus.

“We are committed to finding the best solutions to improve the corrosion protection offered by electroless nickel coatings for highly corrosive environments,” says Shakeel Akhtar, Global Product and Business Development Manager of Wear Resistant Coatings at Atotech. “With Nichem® HP 1170, we truly believe we have achieved the highest possible performance in this goal. Nichem® HP 1170 represents the next step in the evolution of electroless nickel processes; it meets all of the stringent demands of the industry.”

Nichem® HP 1170-plated deposits are bright in appearance, have excellent wear resistance, and boast a plated hardness of up to 620 HV0.1 which increases to 930 – 1080 HV0.1 after heat treatment. Furthermore, the process’ deposits exhibit high levels of corrosion resistance. Nichem® HP 1170 is a sustainable process: it is lead- and cadmium-free and meets the highest standards of environmental compliance, including ELV, RoHS and WEEE.

Nichem® HP 1170 provides excellent bath stability and is a self-regulating formulation with respect to pH. Deposits remain compressively stressed up to 6.5 MTO, offering economic, quality, and operational benefits. In addition, Nichem® HP 1170 has a wide working window for low and high bath-loading scenarios and allows for fast plating rates.

Nichem® HP 1170 is suitable for a wide variety of applications in the automotive, oil, gas, and chemical industries as well as for offshore construction, agriculture, and heavy machinery – where outstanding corrosion resistance is required.