High purity chemistry

for advanced semiconductor packaging

MultiPlate® and Spherolyte® Cu MD2

The power solution

Fast and reliable

For pure Cu deposits

Simultaneous front and backside plating

Individual side control

For power ICs

IGBTs and power MOSFETs

Designed for the specific needs of modern power ICs. Tool and chemistry deliver a unique solution for IGBTs and power MOSFETs – simultaneous double side plating to effectively reduce and control deposit stress and warpage.

Simultaneous double side Cu plating

  • IGBTs and power MOSFETs
  • Other wafer types with the need for backside plating


Simultaneous front and backside plating

  • Individual control of front and backside plating
  • Different Cu thicknesses for both sides possible
  • Thick Cu layers of more than 20 µm possible at 5 ASD

Production benefits

  • Shortened process flow compared to sequential plating
  • Taiko wafer plating


  • Low stressed Cu deposit 10 mPa after plating
  • Zero warpage while plating on both sides
  • Uniformity <5% min/max
  • Low impurity level

What inspires us

Why we developed MultiPlate® and Spherolyte® Cu MD2

Your challenge

Modern power ICs need metal layers on both wafer sides, front and backside. This requires a strict warpage control during wafer processing.

Our solution

Spherolyte® Cu MD2 and MuliPlate® – Tool and chemistry, the perfect match to plate Cu simultaneously on front and backside of your wafer



An innovative electrochemical plating system for next generation packaging technologies

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