High purity chemistry

for advanced semiconductor packaging

Spherolyte® Cu UF3

Pure performance chemistry

Pure and reliable

Purest Cu deposit

One for all

RDL, µ-Via and pillar

For fan out wafer level packaging

Spherolyte® Cu UF3 has been developed for the specific needs of next generation fan out wafer level packaging solutions. It combines purity, reliability and the ability to plate all Cu structures – from fine line RDLs with completely filled µ-vias to Cu pillars. Its superior purity ensures highest reliability – no RDL cracks and no micro voids at interfaces.

Automotive_low Consumer electronics_low Medical_low

  • Fan out wafer level packaging
  • Flip chip CSP
  • Sensor


  • Purest copper deposit: < 12 ppm impurities – TOF SIMS
  • Lowest defect rate


  • Best reliability after multiple reflow cycles – without Cu RDL cracking
  • Low stressed deposit 20 -25 mPa
  • Reduced voiding at Cu & solder interface after thermal cycling

One for all

  • Simultaneous µ-Via filling and fine line RDL
  • High speed Cu pillar plating

Production proven

  • Qualified for mass production of Fan out wafer level packaging, 2.5D, CSP…

What inspires us

Why we developed Spherolyte® Cu UF3

Your challenge

The main challenges for modern packaging solution are: purity and reliability for Cu RDL and Pillars

Our solution

Spherolyte® Cu UF3 – pure and reliable deposits for RDL, µ-Vias and pillars

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