High quality chemistry

for advanced semiconductor packaging

Xenolyte® Ni TR

Next generation Ni electrolyte for ENEP(IG)

Reduced crack formation and low layer stress

Even at higher temperatures does not show phase transitioning up to 600 °C /p>

Effective diffusion/ migration barrier

Crystalline Ni layer shows no cracks after fracture toughness test pre and post annealing

Suitable for wire bonding and soldering aps

Suitable for Cu pad and low-pitch RDL housing

High temperature resistant electroless Ni process

Xenolyte® Ni TR is our product of choice for low-stress, high temperature tolerant Ni deposition layers. The chemistry is optimized for the Xenolyte® processes for ENEP(IG). The Xenolyte® portfolio includes cleaning and activation pre-treatment solutions and plating chemistries for the electroless deposition of nickel, palladium, and gold on Cu and Al alloys. It enables hard, corrosion-free, and stress-minimized metal stacks to protect underlying active structures and provide a robust, stable, and low-resistance solder joint connection to the IC substrate.

Xenolyte® Ni TR in particular can be applied for fine pitch applications and production sequences that require high temperature process steps. The resulting Ni deposition layers exhibit low stress, high toughness/ hardness and low resistivities. Additionally, Xenolyte® Ni TR allows long bath lives.

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  • Optimized Ni chemistry for our proven ENEP(IG) process for high temperature applications
  • Precise Ni deposition for Pad and RDL applications – reliable, low-stress diffusion barrier for Al/ Cu
  • Application possible in single wafer tools and wet benches with long bath lifetimes

  • Fast deposition rates
  • Lower resistivity compared to mid/ high P Ni
  • Suitable for high temperature > 400°C processing
  • Low stress deposition layers pre and post annealing at higher temperatures
  • High hardness and fracture toughness

What inspires us

Why we developed Xenolyte® Ni TR

Your challenge

For conventional Ni deposition layers in wire bonding pad and RDL housing applications, high processing temperatures and annealing steps often lead to increased stress. Phase changes and the formation of cracks hence significantly reduce their reliability. Next generation Ni deposition requires highly reliably, low-stress and temperature insensitive chemistry suits to meet the ever-increasing demands of the semiconductor industry.

Our solution

Xenolyte® Ni TR is the optimized Ni chemistry for our proven EN(EP)IG process and suitable for fine pitch applications. It allows the deposition of low-stress, crystalline Ni layers, which can be used in high temperature processing conditions.

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