High quality chemistry

for advanced semiconductor packaging

Xenolyte® Ni TR

High temperature resistant coating

Highest reliability

for pads and RDL housing

High productivity

through batch processing

For power ICs

IGBTs and power MOSFETs

Xenolyte® Ni TR has been specifically developed to improve the temperature resistivity of Nickel coatings. It is perfectly suited for

  • housing Cu RDL lines with Ni and Pd or
  • depositing a Ni Pd Au stack for soldering and wire bonding

Xenolyte Ni® TR delivers through a electroless deposition process a crystalline ternary Nickel deposit which does not undergo a phase transition at 350°C unlike other Nickel processes which deposit amorphous NiP layers.When temperature resistivity matters- Xenolyte ® Ni is the answer.

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High temperature resistant applications

  • Power ICs as IGBTs and power MOSFETs
  • Automotive applications


  • Crystalline Ni deposit with a P content of 2%
  • RoHS conform
  • For pad and RDL housing
  • Effective diffusion barrier and mechanical reinforcement


  • No phase transition at 350°C
  • No cracks over wide temperature range of up to 450°C
  • Significantly lower stress than standard NiP layers
  • Low resistivity


  • For batch tools with up to 50 wafers per basket
  • Deposition rate of 220 nm/min
  • Longer bath life of 2MTO

What inspires us

Why we developed Xenolyte® Ni TR

Your challenge

Your wafer needs a diffusion barrier or protective Ni layer that withstands processing temperatures beyond 350°C?

Our solution

Our Xenolyte® Ni TR – crystalline NiP deposit for high temperature processes.

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