Berlin, June 20, 2022 – Atotech, a market leader in advanced electroplating solutions, is looking forward to presenting its innovative and sustainable solutions for the first time at The Battery Show, Europe. The combined conference and trade show is Europe’s largest event for advanced battery manufacturing and technology and will take place in Stuttgart, Germany from June 28 – 30.

Atotech will present its leading surface-finishing solutions for EV, HEV and PHEV batteries. Its presentation will also include adhesion promotion processes for current collectors, pretreatment, and anti-tarnishes as well as silver, nickel, and tin plating processes for connectors and busbars. The company will also be showcasing solutions with improved sustainability for battery housings and fasteners, highly conductive and soft magnetic electroplated layers for electromagnetic shielding, and improved corrosion protection for anode lead tabs preventing the formation of hydrofluoric acid within the battery pouch pack. For battery and cell management, Atotech will present its range of adhesion promoters and solder joint improvement processes that are specifically designed for QFN packages.

With its perfectly matched process for every step of surface-finishing application, Atotech offers a full range of sustainable functional and decorative surface treatments.

Atotech’s experts from General Metal Finishing and Electronics can be met at booth 8-E64 to discuss new ideas and new technologies such as:

Cr(VI)-free anti-tarnish treatment for current collector copper foils:

Argalin® XL  – Chromium-based anti-tarnish, ROHS compatible (CrIII) for silver, copper, and nickel plating processes for busbars and connectors

Silvertech® RBH  – Cyanide-based hard silver-plating process (180 HV)

Silvertech® MSH  –  High-speed hard-silver plating process (130 HV & 15–20 ASD)


Corrosion-protection solutions for steel battery housings:

Reflectalloy ZNA + Tridur® DB + Sealer 300 W 2.0  – Alkaline-zinc nickel electrolyte with passivate and sealer providing highest corrosion protection and enhancing the adhesion to subsequent coatings such as fire retardants


Pretreatment solutions for aluminum battery housings and more sustainable paint removal processes for parts reclamation:

UniPrep®  – Long life, low-temperature degreasers suitable for steel and aluminum battery components

Interlox®  – Zirconium-based conversion coatings and passivates for enhanced corrosion protection and paint adhesion

Master Remover®  – More sustainable paint removal process ideal for part reclamation and rack and fixture cleaning


Highly conductive and soft magnetic electroplated layers for electromagnetic shielding:

Cupracid® EMS  – High-speed low stress copper plating electrolyte

Corrosion-protection processes for increased adhesion in lead-tab manufacturing:

Satilume® Plus  – Unique matte nickel surface for higher adhesion and better corrosion resistance


Adhesion promoters and processes for solder joint improvement for lead-frame IC packages and Printed Circuit Boards:

MoldPrepTM  – Adhesion promotor between copper and mold material to improve MSL test level and survive heat treatment

Stanna-Q  – Immersion-tin process specifically designed to form 3D solder joints on QFN wettable flanks


Conference: The Battery Show Europe

Date: June 28 to 30, 2022

Venue: Messe Stuttgart

Atotech booth no.: 8-E64

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