This new product combines high corrosion resistance with a flawless black appearance and a low environmental impact

BERLIN, Germany, March 2020: Atotech recently introduced Tridur® ZnNi H5.2 to the electroplating market; a black passivate, which is applicable to alkaline and to acidic zinc-nickel surfaces. Tridur® ZnNi H5.2-plated parts can be easily combined with aluminum alloys and used in the automotive industry to minimize contact corrosion.

Like all of Atotech’s other passivates, this new passivate exceeds the requirements of DIN EN ISO 19598. The application of the smart additive system Tridur® ZnNi H5.2 results in an extended lifetime compared to the market standard. This directly translates to reduced costs for customers, constituting a clear competitive advantage in the market.

Sabine Sengl, Corrosion Protection expert at Atotech said, “We are particularly proud that our automotive industry-approved Tridur® ZnNi H5.2 complies with the REACH regulations for beyond the year 2021, because it is both, cobalt-free and fluoride-free.” 

Deep black, aesthetically appealing fasteners and other parts are mostly deployed within the automotive industry. Tridur® ZnNi H5.2 forms a long lasting, homogeneously spread, deep black color to surfacesat 12-13% incorporation rates of nickel (well with OEM standards), ensuring a very high corrosion protection against red rust.

Combined with Atotech’s sealers, the post dip Tridur® Finish 300 or Atotech’s zinc flake top coats, Tridur® ZnNi H5.2 offers remarkably high levels of corrosion protection against white and red corrosion (240 / 720 h) according to DIN EN ISO 9227.