The UniPrep® AC products offer versatile alternatives to hazardous chemical and mechanical methods commonly used by applicators

BERLIN, Germany, March 2020:Atotech’s UniPrep® AC product series is now available, offering a sustainable solution with numerous advantages in comparison to conventional scale removal methods.

“With the addition of UniPrep® AC descalers to Atotech’s product portfolio, we can now offer a turnkey pretreatment solution for applicators conducting welding and laser cutting activities.  UniPrep® AC is the safest and most economical method for laser and weld scale removal and supports improved overall paint and part quality.  We are excited to bring this to the pretreatment market and help applicators create a more sustainable manufacturing process,” said Brian List, Global Product Director Paint Support Technologies (PST) from Atotech.

UniPrep® AC provides superior paint coverage on weld and laser cut areas without the use of labor intensive and hazardous mechanical methods. UniPrep® AC products are free of many hazardous or regulated substances, including alkylphenol ethoxylates (APE), phosphorus and boron as well as phosphoric, hydrofluoric, hydrochloric and nitric acids and can operate at near neutral pH, satisfying many customer and regulatory requirements.

UniPrep® AC descalers help to minimize premature paint failures with improved cleaning and descaling of welds and laser cuts while minimizing surface etching and pitting. By reducing the iron build up through lower etch rates, applicators are able to achieve extended solution life, resulting in reduced burden on wastewater treatment operations. The unique formulations of UniPrep® AC support both organic and inorganic soil removal and, when used in combination with UniPrep® alkaline cleaners and Interlox® conversion coatings, offer the pinnacle in performance capabilities.