From September 19 – 21, the ZVO congress is taking place in Leipzig. As one of the sponsors of this event, we will actively participate with diverse technical lectures. Meet our experts to discuss current and upcoming market requirements, as well as emerging technology trends.

Sep 20, 12:00, Room 2, Floor +1

CR (VI)-free pretreatment for plating on plastics – status quo, alternatives, prospects, Dr. Thorsten Voß, Global Application Manager DECO/PoP

Sep 20, 12:00, Room 3, Floor +1

Electroplating meets lamella – successful combination of two coating technologies, Dr. Peter Hülser, CP Auditor

Sept. 21, 9:30 am, Room 2, Floor +1

New generation of mid phosphorous EN processes – characteristic features
Iulia Bejan, R&D Scientist WRC

At booth no. 72, Atotech will present selected product highlights from its competitive product portfolio including decorative and functional surface finishing applications:

Plating on plastics / decorative coatings

  • Adhemax® Ni U
    Low maintenance, high stability electroless nickel for plating on plastic applications
  • Cupracid® 6000
    Dye-containing acid copper process for improved copper distribution
  • Satilume® LongLife 2.0
    Regeneration system for satin nickel plating with advanced filtration and dosing

Top performance for corrosion protection

  • Zinni® AL 650
    Alkaline zinc-nickel electrolyte for an exceptional high plating speed
  • Zintek® ONE HP
    Silver zinc flake base coat for superior corrosion protection with only ONE layer
  • Zintek® TOP XT
    Inorganic clear high performance top coat
  • Zintek® 300 HP
    Black high performance zinc flake base coat with excellent corrosion protection
  • Techseal® Black SL T
    Organic matt black and ductile top coat

Paint support technologies

  • Master Remover® series
    High performance paint removal process for a wide variety of organic and powder coat coatings and different substrates

Wear resistant coatings

  • BluCr®
    First trivalent hard chrome technology in the market
  • Nichem® HP 1151
    High phosphorus electroless nickel process with outstanding corrosion resistance
  • Nichem® MP 1188
    Fully bright and ELV, RoHS and WEEE compliant mid phosphorus plating process

The ZVO congress for electroplating and surface technology is a leading platform for the surface industry. Selected topics are new fields of applications, legal regulations and new technologies.

Conference: ZVO congress (Oberflächentage 2018)
Date: September 19-21, 2018
Venue: Congress Center Leipzig (CCL), 04356 Leipzig
Atotech booth no.: 72

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