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Ecopact® CP

Best conductive polymer direct metallization

Highest reliability

Selective process and excellent reliability results

Environment friendly process

No usage of harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde or cyanide

Cost effective

No exposure to palladium spot price fluctuations

Ecopact® CP is a well-established conductive polymer based direct metallization process that is suitable for a wide application area. It is fully capable of MLB and BMV metallization, compatible to a wide variety of base materials including high Tg FR4 and polyimides and easily fulfils all standard reliability requirements. In addition, Ecopact® CP features many ecological advantages such as a very low water consumption and waste water generation as well as no usage of harmful substances like cyanide or formaldehyde. The robustness of the process, its simplicity and technically capability combined with its multiple environmental benefits make Ecopact® CP an attractive option for state-of-the-art HDI, MLB and Flex / Flex-Rigid manufacturing in both, vertical and horizontal operation mode.

An economic version called Ecopact® CP E is available for pure multi layer production at lowest running cost.

  • Direct plating process based on conductive polymer for MLB and HDI
  • Suitable for flex and Flex/rigid applications

Left: TH in multilayer panel (3.2 mm thick / Ø 0.3 mm), right: TH in double-sided panel (2.4 mm thick / Ø 0.2 mm)

  • Very short and simple three (or four) step process
  • Low generation of waste water and consumption of fresh water and process chemistries
  • Excellent reliability results e.g. very good ICD performance
  • Selective process and compatible to a wide range of base materials

What inspires us

Why we developed Ecopact® CP

Your challenge

Global awareness regarding sustainable development increased significantly during the last decades. As a consequence, manufacturers are urged to use environmentally friendly production technologies in order to reduce their ecological footprint. Furthermore, cost-effective solutions for PCB manufacturing are required in order to sustain the business in the challenging market environment.

Our solution

The mass production proven Ecopact® CP process combines both requirements. It is cost-effective compared to an electroless copper process and at the same time environmental friendly, because of low consumption and waste water generation and no use of harmful substances like cyanide or formaldehyde. The Ecopact® CP process is highly reliable and fully capable of MLB and HDI manufacturing.

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