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Noviganth® AF 76

High build self-accelerated electroless copper process

Latest in the Noviganth® series

Noviganth® AF 76 is our latest vertical electroless copper utilizing a Pd/Sn catalyst

Low Palladium

Utilizing a unique enhanced Pd-Sn colloidal activation system. The associated Pallaganth® Activator 735 typically operates at 60 ppm Pd

Accelerator free

Noviganth® AF 76 is “self-accelerated” so there is no need for an additional accelerator step after the catalyst

Noviganth® AF 76

High build (1.5-1.8µm, 60-70µinch in 30 minutes) self-accelerating electroless copper process.

Wide process compatibility

Compatible with a wide range of dielectric materials and with a series of dedicated cleaners, Noviganth® AF 76 is ideal for mixed production facilities where you need to produce rigid, flex and flex rigid multilayer PCBs.

Stable and easy to run

Pd/Sn based activators are recognized for their ease of operation and excellent process stability.

  • “High build” vertical, self-accelerated electroless copper process for regular and flexible PCB dielectrics
  • In production for rigid, flex and flex-rigid PCBs
  • Panels with BMV and challenging through holes

  • Robust, high-built electroless Cu bath (1.5-1.8µm, 60-70µinch in 30 minutes)
  • Enhanced Pd-Sn colloidal activation system, operating at 60 ppm Pd
  • Superior hole wall adhesion and coverage on wide range of substrate materials
  • Excellent performance for high aspect ratio through holes, build up boards and blind vias
  • Custom developed cleaner with excellent performance and coverage on resin and glass fiber bundles

What inspires us

Why we developed Noviganth® AF 76

Your challenge

High build electroless copper has been a mainstay of the PCB industry for many years and achieving consistent coverage remains a key challenge in modern PCB production. As through hole products become more challenging, with aggressive aspect ratio and HDI product moves towards smaller via diameters, process capability and stability continue to grow and become of paramount importance. It has the ability to process a mix of dielectric types to create rigid, flex and flex-rigid PCBs. While process upgrades are often available, their compatibility with your existing equipment can often be problematic, so a drop-in replacement is typically a strong desire as this allows for easy integration and maximum technical benefit, while minimizing overall investment costs.

Our solution

Noviganth® AF 76 is Atotech’s latest vertical high build electroless copper process for rigid, flex and flex-rigid PCB applications. Operating to low Pd concentrations, and utilizing a unique Pd/Sn activation process, Noviganth® AF 76 offers excellent process stability with minimal operating costs and is ideally suited for production of challenging PCB designs. Through the application of a “self-accelerated“ copper bath, Noviganth® AF 76 does not require an additional step after activation, making it widely compatible with both new and existing equipment lines.

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