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Our product portfolio

Pallaganth® and Noviganth® BV

Low build, vertical Pd/Sn activated electroless Copper process for HDI and multilayer PCB production

Mature technology

Atotech have over 10 years of production experience with colloidal Pd/Sn based activation systems and their associated electroless Copper baths

Excellent reliability

Based on EDTA, Noviganth® BV is a robust and stable process solution

Mixed production capability

CCL and bare materials due to good bath activity

Pallaganth® BV is a high capability activation bath based on the widely used Pd/Sn colloid approach. In combination with the Noviganth® BV electroless Copper bath, the complete process offers a stable and robust low build vertical solution for high reliability applications

  • Multilayer and HDI PCB
  • High reliability PCB applications

  • Very mature technology
  • Robust Pd/Sn activator operating at 40 ppm
  • Robust EDTA based electroless Copper bath
  • Low build bath 0.35-0.4µm in 15 min
  • Excellent coverage & reliability performance
  • Cost-effective process

What inspires us

Why we developed Pallaganth® and Noviganth® BV

Your challenge

Achieving high reliability interconnects, suitable for challenging applications with an easy to operate vertical electroless Copper process.

Our solution

The combination of the Pallaganth® BV activator with the Noviganth® BV electroless Copper bath, gives a simple and robust vertical electroless Copper process that is ideally suited for high volume PCB production.
Optimized for coverage and reliability performance, while operating at a low Pd content, the process as a whole offers a low running cost with an ease of operation that is attractive to todays PCB manufacturers.

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