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Our product portfolio

Printoganth® U Plus

Market leading horizontal electroless copper for highest reliability and ELIC applications


Outstanding Cu-Cu interconnect, even under extreme conditions

More than 80 installations worldwide

Multiple references at leading, high volume HDI manufacturers in Taiwan and China

Integrated system with Uniplate® LB

Optimized performance when used in Atotech’s high volume horizontal process equipment

Up to 1,000 TCT cycles with stack via build up processed with Printoganth® U Plus

Printoganth® U Plus creates excellent copper to copper interconnections, resulting in the best reliability performance, even under severe thermal shock conditions. Perfectly suited for production of high layer count PCBs with multiple inner layers utilizing any-layer or ELIC HDI technologies, Printoganth® U Plus is Atotech’s market leading, ultra high volume horizontal electroless Copper process. With a global production capacity in excess of 25 million m²/year, Printoganth® U Plus has a remarkable reference list within leading HDI manufacturers especially in Taiwan and China.

  • Market leading electroless Copper process for advanced HDI, any-layer & ELIC technology
  • High-layer count multi layer PCBs
  • Perfectly suited for automotive applications where the highest reliability performance is essential

Optimized performance using Atotech’s mass production equipment Uniplate LB

  • Market leading horizontal electroless Copper process for HDI PCBs based on either tenting or mSAP technologies
  • Unrivalled performance in automotive and other high reliability applications
  • Creates a fine grain copper deposit with favorable stress characteristics for good adhesion
  • Deposition speed of approx. 0.35 µm in 4 minutes
  • Fully compatible to Atotech’s production proven Neoganth activation processes
  • Environmental friendly tartrate based horizontal electroless copper

What inspires us

Why we developed Printoganth® U Plus

Your challenge

Creating reliable Cu-Cu interconnects, especially in high-end HDI anylayer designs. Delamination on the capture pad, or inner layer interconnect defects (ICDs) are not acceptable in your high yield manufacturing.

Our solution

Printoganth® U Plus Atotech’s high reliability electroless copper process for use in horizontal equipment. Due to its high volume, production proven stability, and unparalleled reliability performance, leading HDI manufacturers that are active in the field of consumer electronics have been relying on Printoganth® U Plus for many years.

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