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for high speed via filling

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InPro® SAP6

High speed IC Substrate BMV filling


The process can be operated up to 5 A/dm² to shorten the plating time and increase the productivity of your manufacturing

Excellent within-unit distribution

We have shown that this process can reach an unmatched within-unit distribution of
R <1 µm

Matched with Atotech’s systems

Best chemistry and equipment fit with Atotech’s vPlate® system

With our new InPro® SAP6, Atotech meets and fulfils the ever-increasing market demand for finer lines and spaces, as well as increased miniaturization. The BMV filling process for high-class IC Substrates outperforms POR chemistry in every respect. It provides a superior surface finish, a higher current density, and excellent stability. Depending on the production needs it provides an outstanding within-unit distribution. InPro® SAP6 is the solution of choice when it comes to the highest productivity and quality and works particularly well when combined with our vPlate® equipment.

  • Copper BMV filling process for IC Substrate application and capable for fine line production
  • Ideally suited for conveyorized application with sparger system for electrolyte agitation – matched chemistry and equipment with Atotech’s vPlate® system
  • Three additive system for best process control, all additives can be analysed via CVS

  • High applicable current density (up to 5 A/dm²)
  • Excellent copper distribution on unit
  • Superior, defect-free surface finishing compared to POR chemistry
  • High productivity and high quality for high class IC Substrates
  • Excellent stability over bath age

What inspires us

Why we developed InPro® SAP 6

Your challenge

Operating with lines and spaces (L/S) of sub 10/10 μm the copper thickness within-unit distribution (WUD) is one of the critical parameters which has to be controlled within a tight range in order to avoid reliability problems in assembly or during the lifetime. Another important parameter is the current density used for the copper plating process. Higher current density operating range of an electrolyte results in higher productivity.

Our solution

InPro® SAP6 is the next generation solution to apply higher current densities while keeping very good copper thickness within-unit distribution (WUD). The deposited copper shows very good physical properties and crystal structure resulting in better than POR performance in reliability tests. It enables high productivity and high quality for high class IC Substrate manufacturing with an outstanding stability over bath age. It is the new standard for IC Substrate BMV filling.

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