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Inpulse® 2HF9

Horizontal pulse plating for blind micro via filling in HDI applications

More than 1,000 platers

Inpulse® is the most widely used and trusted horizontal plating system on the globe

Ideally suited for Anylayer production

Superfilling® of BMVs with minimum surface plated copper with dimple less than 5 µm

Matched with Atotech

Best chemistry and equipment fit with our Uniplate® systems

Stacked via (Anylayer) for mobile phone application with Inpulse® 2HF series

Inpulse® 2HF9 electrolyte provides BMV filling as well as conformal plating of through holes. The combination of the MKS’ Atotech insoluble anode/ Fe-redox Cu replenishment system and the Inpulse® 2HF9 electrolyte ensures long lifetime in full production. Thus the unique Uniplate® InPulse 2 system combined with Inpulse® processes is ideally suited to meet all demands for high-end and high-volume HDI production.

  • Low cost blind micro via filling for high-volume HDI Anylayer PCB
  • Blind micro via filling with or without conformal through hole plating
  • Ideally suited for conveyorized application – matched chemistry and equipment with MKS’ Atotech Uniplate® system
  • Full panel plating for best possible plated copper surface distribution
  • Pulse plating at high-effective current densities with insoluble anodes

BMV 170×100 µm, plating thickness 15 µm, plating time approx. 30 min, dimple <10 µm

  • Superlative filling results with minimum surface plated copper
  • Filled BMV with less than 5 μm dimple
  • Excellent surface distribution with InPulse® 2 equipment
  • Fine-line capability down to < 40µm
  • Proven in high-volume HDI production
  • Analysable by CVS method for best process control
  • Cost savings in raw materials and production: copper, solder mask, etching, effluent

What inspires us

Why we developed Inpulse® 2HF9

Your challenge

Reliable blind micro via (BMV) filling is a must in HDI Anylayer production. Copper filled BMV’s are used as solder bump sites for IC packaging where the filling process enables the required interconnect density and provides the surface to ensure reliable solder attachment. To satisfy your customers and meet your process and operational targets the required filling processes must provide void or inclusion free filling, a minimum of surface plated copper along with the capability to allow stacked filled structures.

Our solution

The Inpulse® 2HF series is the world’s leading horizontal plating process for HDI blind microvia filling. It has been proven in mass production for over a decade. The combination of our latest generation Inpulse® 2HF9 process together with the Uniplate® InPulse 2 system provides unsurpassed surface distribution in panel plating. Adding minimum surface plated copper and low dimple filling performance leads to cost savings in raw materials and production and makes it ideal for Anylayer production. By use of reverse pulse plating and the iron redox system for copper replenishment high current density plating can be applied in a stable production environment resulting in reliable, high productive, low-cost blind micro via filling.

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