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in reliability and productivity


Patented bridge plating technology for inclusion-free core filling of through holes up to AR of 3:1

Inclusion-free TH filling technology

With X-Plating through vias can be filled without inclusions for best reliability to serve highest OEM demands

Matched with Atotech systems

Best chemistry and equipment fit with our pulse plating systems: Uniplate® IP2 and

Patented technology

The bridge plating provides the only solution for inclusion-free through hole filling and is patented for both horizontal and vertical application

2-step X-Plating enables inclusion-free through hole filling

X-Plating is ideally suited for core through hole filling up to an AR of 3:1. It is also crucial for 5G application, where thermal heat dissipation is necessary. The unique process creates an X-shape during the first step, building up two BMVs. Together with the subsequent BMV filling in the second step, this technology grants reliable filling at the lowest possible surface thickness. Our latest generation process now enables void-free THF filling for ARs up to 3:1.

InPro® Pulse TVF

The vertical pulse plating process using X-plating is optimized for use in our V-Plate® systems in panel and pattern plating, but of course can be used in other reverse pulse VCP systems as well.

Inpulse® 2THF2

In combination with the unique Uniplate® InPulse2 horizontal reverse pulse plating systems this successor of our OEM approved Inpulse® 2THF process now offers higher filling capability and inclusion-free TH filling of AR up to 3:1.

  • High thermal conductivity for heat transfer, e.g. for 5G application
  • Void-free THF filling now for ARs up to 3:1
  • Potential to replace coining process
  • Low cost through hole filling due to elimination of conventional process steps
  • Boosting reliability results like Hot Oil, IST, TCT and others
  • Low cost through hole filling due to elimination of conventional process steps
  • Ideally suited for conveyorized application – matched chemistry and equipment with our Uniplate® and V-Plate® system
  • Pulse plating at high effective current densities with insoluble anodes

Inclusion-free copper filling of through holes with InPro® Pulse TVF: 0.47 × 0.2 mm (AR 2.35)

  • X-Plating enables inclusion-free copper filling of through holes
  • Reliable plugging/filling technology for thin core material as well as for high aspect ratio through holes up to 3:1
  • Lowest surface plated copper with dimple less than 10 μm in Uniplate® IP2 system
  • Pattern plating in VCP systems such as V-Plate®
  • Capable for mechanical and laser-drilled through holes
  • Economical process savings in copper metal, solder mask, etching process and processing time
  • Meets all reliability standards

What inspires us

Why we developed X-Plating

Your challenge

Thermal management is more and more important in our electronics world to avoid various failures caused by “hot spots” and subsequent local material degradation issues. Copper filling is the solution not to increase the number of conformal plated through holes for heat transfer. Inclusion-free through hole filling is required to overcome the risk of migration of inclusion by applying current and heat during the use of the final product. This migration may lead to a delamination/ separation of the interface connection to the next layer. The alternative paste-plugging process for through holes requires additional process steps, each of which has its own limitations and contributes to the overall cost. Complete through hole filling for cores by a copper electroplating process is the solution in cost, reliability and productivity aspects.

Our solution

X-Plating is the world’s only inclusion-free plating technology for through hole filling enabled by our patented technology. X-Plating has been proven in mass production for > 10 years in our Uniplate® InPulse2 system in combination with our Inpulse® 2THF process. The new Inpulse® 2THF2 process with increased filling performance provides unsurpassed surface distribution in panel plating at lowest possible plated surface thickness. Now X-Plating is also available in VCP systems such as our V-Plate® together with the new InPro® Pulse TVF to enable inclusion-free pattern TH filling. Both new processes lead to low cost through hole filling of TH’s for ARs up to 3:1.

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