Widely known for its leading process control

and traceability features

Horizon® Stannatech

Horizontal immersion tin production system

Leading immersion tin deposition

For automotive and IC substrate applications

Applicable for IC, MLB, HDI applications

High yield production performance and minimized consumption of water, energy and chemistry

Excellent process control

Extended bath lifetime and controlled deposition speed by continuous removal of copper

The Horizon Stannatech® equipment offers a high-level automated horizontal process specially designed for IC substrate, HDI and MLB applications. Designed and perfectly fitted to Atotech process solution Stannatech® 2000 and Stannatech® IC, it provides process control for maximum yield, but also a cost-effective and sustainable production technology. Process costs can be reduced by up to 30%, while water, energy, and chemistry consumption can be reduced by up to 90%. At the same time, this all-in-one solution provides an enhanced bath lifetime of up to 12 months, real-time panel tracking, and production and dosing reports. Our new Stannatech® IC Immersion Tin process is POR for many IC substrate manufacturers and has successfully been installed on a worldwide base.

  • High-volume final finishing system for immersion tin
  • Ideally suited for IC substrate and HDI manufacturer
  • Ready for smart FAB integration

Crystallizer® and ConStannic®

  • Effective and efficient fluid delivery system
  • Fine line filtration with high bath turnover rates to enable particle-free solution
  • Extended bath lifetime and cost-saving process due to auxiliary equipment Constannic and Crystallizer
  • Advanced software control system with traceability functions to track conditions and events for easy quality control


Reduced process costs


Less downtime


Less chemistry consumption

What inspires us

Why we developed Horizon® Stannatech

Your challenge

Today’s OEMs have several strict requirements – reliability, environment, cost saving and quality control – at the same time. Especially in the automotive and IC substrate industry such demands have a far reaching effect on the choice of the final finish. Here immersion tin offers benefits compared to other finishes.

Our solution

MKS’ Atotech offers the world’s leading immersion tin system consisting of the Stannatech® H process and the Horizon® Stannatech equipment. It is valued by many customers and OEMs worldwide as it combines excellent reliability, sustainability, anti whisker properties, low stress process, low process cost and higher yields.

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