Widely known for its leading process control

and traceability features

Horizon® Stannatech

Boost immersion tin process productivity

World standard

in thinnest tin deposition on PCBs

More than 100 installations

Most used immersion tin process worldwide

Highest mileage

and process reliability in the market

The Stannatech® state-of-the-art tin deposition technology sets the world standard in thinnest tin deposition on printed circuit boards, making it one of the few surface finishing systems verified by all major automobile manufacturers.
With Atotech’s unique Crystallizer™ and ConStannic™ control, the system is perfect for immersion tin for multiple Pb-free soldering and press-fit technology. Stannatech® achieves the highest mileages and process reliability in the market.

  • Combines excellent reliability with lead-free and halogen-free soldering techniques
  • Anti whisker additive deposits pure planar tin, limiting the danger of voids and organic inclusions to nearly zero
  • Operates at low temperatures, thus reducing the thermal stress on the board
  • The consequent lower warpage is a major advantage compared to the HASL process
  • Excellent bath stability, chemistry lifetime of up to twelve month leads to substantially lower process costs
  • Unique multiple soldering performance provide higher yield

  • PCBs
  • Multilayer
  • IC substrate

Crystallizer™ immersion tin regeneration unit

ConStannic™ and Crystallizer™ are patented immersion tin regeneration units that guarantee highest productivity while keeping the environmental impact at a minimum.

It is composed of two individual elements. The ConStannic™ reduces electrolytically Sn4+ to the beneficial Sn2+. Simultaneously the Crystallizer™ generates copper. Both parts combined eliminate the severe sludge formation that occurs normally in the process and replaces extensive feed and bleed dosing or frequent new make-ups.

ConStannic™ and Crystallizer™ allow a potentially unlimited solution life-time. This results in in a massive reduction of raw materials and wastewater.


Reduced process costs


Less downtime


Less chemistry consumption

What inspires us

Why we developed Horizon® Stannatech

Your challenge

Today’s OEMs have several strict requirements – reliability, environment, cost saving and quality control – at the same time. Especially in the automotive industry such demands have a far reaching effect on the choice of the final finish. Here immersion tin offers benefits compared to other finishes.

Our solution

Atotech offers the world’s leading immersion tin system consisting of the Stannatech® H process and the Horizon® Stannatech equipment. It is valued by many customers and OEMs worldwide as it combines excellent reliability, sustainability, anti whisker properties, low stress process, low process cost and higher yields.

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