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Uniplate® P with Oxamat renewing permaganate

Reduce sludge (MnO2), energy and desmear production costs


Less maintenance


Saved electricity


Increased process efficicency

Uniplate® P with Oxamat


Our production proven regeneration unit Oxamat for Uniplate® P systems significantly reduces the sludge of manganate dioxide typically generated during the desmear process. Oxamat system regenerates manganate to permanganate, thereby preventing the accumulation of sludge and other chemical dosing.

Oxamat also allows for improved efficiencies by cutting the maintenance time by almost half. Extensive cleaning cycles and make-ups which are usually needed are not required with Oxamat.

With Atotech’s Uniplate® P line, customers can save up to 25% of electricity costs as compared to the vertical line. This is due to the fact that while reducing heat loss Oxamat also improves the overall efficiency by close to one-third.

  • Automatic Cleaning Cycles
  • Edge Split Filters filtrate permanganate up to 25um for longer running times at stable process parameters
  • Flood bar technique for improved chemistry deposition in BMVs
  • 50% less maintenance
  • 25% saved electricity
  • 33% increased process efficicency

With Atotech’s desmear equipment, the complete range of board types can be processed at high throughput rates guaranteeing you the best results with almost all available base material (except chemical non-resistant substrates and materials containing acrylic adhesives):


  • HDI boards
  • PCBs
  • Multilayer
  • Flex / Flex Rigid Boards
  • IC substrates

Why we developed Uniplate® P

Your challenge

Permanganate desmear is a standard process for the production of all different kinds of PCB. However, demands are becoming stricter and stricter with every new OEM roadmap that is released. Challenges are finer lines and spaces, thinner materials, environmental and cost saving requirements.

Our solution

Atotech’s Uniplate® P equipment to complement our desmear chemistry suite lives up to these stricter requirements. Our Oxamat system regenerates our chemistry having a positive impact on cost and the environment. In addition, our varios transportation systems make the Uniplate P fit for a wide range of applications and materials. Our newest transportation system uts-xs+ allows the transportation of materials down to 25µm + 2×2µm copper clad.

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