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for today’s and future market needs

Aurotech® G-Bond 2

Autocatalytic Au for ultimate bondability

40 percent cost advantage

compared to electrolytic gold

Semi autocatalytic gold bath

with lifetime more than 4 MTO and best in class stability

Auto-dosing system

for stable process control

Aurotech® G-Bond is a gold finish able to satisfy specialized functions.

Superior gold performance with autocatalytic benefits

Aurotech® G-Bond 2 is an alternative to electrolytic gold which has a traditional foot hold in the electronics industry. The thickness can be manipulated to ensure best wire bonding results without the requirement for extra front end design to incorporate an electrolytic bussing system.

Aurotech® G-Bond 2 is a mixed reaction gold with high autocatalytic portion which allows the deposition on nickel without corrosive attack. It is applicable for the plating of ENIG, ENEPIG and EPAG deposits and is capable to plate high gold thickness of 0.1 µm and above.

  • ENIG, ENEPIG and EPAG plating
  • Plating of high gold thickness of 0.1 µm and more
  • No corrosive attack to nickel due to autocatalytic properties

Aurotech® G-Bond performance indicators

  • Lifetime of 6 MTO and more
  • Deposition thickness control by time and temperature
  • 0.3 µm in 60 min
  • Auto dosing system for easy handling and process control
  • Best in class stability

What inspires us

Why we developed Aurotech® G-Bond 2

Your challenge

Ensure minimized corrosive attack during ENIG deposition to provide high reliable finishes fulfilling latest industry demands.

Our solution

Aurotech G-Bond 2 is a mixed reaction gold with high autocatalytic portion which can satisfy the highest ENIG corrosion requirements. The process is additionally applicable for plating of ENEPIG and EPAG providing a universal solution solderable and wire-bondable final finishes.

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