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Aurotech® HP

Highest reliability for soldering

Exceptional corrosion resistance

Leading environmental corrosion performance due to amorphous nickel structure

Economic benefits

Low gold thickness required thanks to exceptional corrosion resistance

Excellent solder joint reliability

Solder joint reliability is equal to mid-P ENIG

Superior nickel corrosion properties

Aurotech® HP guarantees highest reliability for surface contacting and good solder joint reliability in conjunction with a thin gold layer. At the same time, the high phosphorous nickel maintains environmental corrosion benefits.

The process generates a nickel layer with uniform phosphorous content due to constant deposition speed during lifetime. It offers superior corrosion resistance, with less gold thickness for cost saving and outperforms even medium P ENIG.

Aurotech® HP is in mass production and conforms to and satisfies the requirement of the market leading mobile device OEMs.

  • Ideally suited for mobile applications
  • Capable of secondary image transfer (SIT) process

Amorphous nickel structure

  • 4 MTO capable electroless nickel
  • Electroless nickel with >9.5% phosphorous for minimized corrosion attack
  • Protection against aggressive environmental atmosphere
  • Long lifetime when used with a nickel controller and Protektostat® for stainless steel tanks

What inspires us

Why we developed Aurotech® HP

Your challenge

The next generation HDI has to accommodate further decreasing form factors and cater for sulphur rich environments.

Our solution

Aurotech® HP is based on a systematically optimized process. With it, we offer our customers a system which can uniquely cater for the nuances of the next generation HDI circuitry. The high phosphorous nickel process offers superior corrosion resistance and provides protection against an aggressive environmental atmosphere.

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