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Aurotech® Plus

The most HDI orientated ENIG process

Minimized nickel corrosion

A chemically balanced gold bath to optimize the efficiency of the nickel / gold exchange mechanism

Soldermask and exotic material compatible

Eradication of discoloration associated with critical soldermasks and base materials in the field

Exceptional distribution

The Aurotech® AU Plus has excellent distribution relieving the necessity for overplating

An example of the nickel / gold interface

Aurotech® Plus is an updated electroless nickel immersion gold process to fulfill current requirements.

It combines the latest developments in electroless nickel and immersion gold by Atotech.The process is suited to cope with exotic materials and maximize soldermask attack compatibility by employing Aurotech® NIC nickel and has been engineered to ensure minimum nickel corrosion.Semi plugged vias associated with SMT processing can be processed with the Aurotech® Plus process without the risk of ‘reddish discoloration’.

  • High-end HDI substrates
  • Ideally suited for mobile applications
  • Exotic material compatibility

No attack of the gold surface after 3 x micro-etching

  • Meeting and surpassing the minimum expectation for ENIG in the HDI world
  • 4 MTO for the electroless nickel bath at 5g/l nickel
  • Proven Al wire capabilities with specialized gold wire bonding potential
  • SIT compatible for SIT production

What inspires us

Why we developed Aurotech® Plus

Your challenge

To achieve repeatedly good solderability and bondability at an acceptable price. Traditional ENIG related problems such as black pad and discoloration should be avoided.

Our solution

Aurotech® Plus is a combination of an optimized nickel process to maximize lifetime whilst being compatible to the functional substrates available in the modern environment, and an immersion gold that exhibits virtually no nickel corrosion without peeling or discoloration.

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