High quality chemistry and equipment

for advanced semiconductor packaging

Everplate 2XT®

Advanced additive suite for extreme damascene gap fill performance

Developed for

market leading damascene Cu plating tools

Reliable feature fill

at the most critical metal levels

  • Promotes a void free fill through a true bottom up copper fill process
  • Provides optimum marginal seed protection
  • Excellent mounding and planarity control
  • Provides highly reflective films , ultra-low in-film defect counts
  • Compatible with both low acid and low copper base electrolytes

  • Superior sidewall protection on ultrathin seed applications
  • Tailored impurity levels ranging from medium to ultra low for a wide range of applications
  • Proven record of high-volume process control, reliability performance and cost structure optimization
  • Compatible with any existing damascene process infrastructure
  • Each additive is available in 1 and 4 kg packaging

What inspires us

Why we developed Everplate 2XT®

Your challenge

Shrinking interconnect dimensions in the first few Damascene metallization levels for the advanced chip technologies have brought difficult challenges to overcome for ECD Cu filling. The thinning of seed layers, and reduction of pre-plate feature opening sizes are calling for an increasingly capable additive sets.

Our solution

The Everplate 2XT® additive suite is developed to provide optimum fill performance on Damascene interconnect structures in combination with excellent mounding and planarity control. Designed for exclusive use on state of the art ECD Cu platforms, this additive suite provides optimum performance in combination with industry-standard low acid, as well as low copper base electrolytes.

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