High purity chemistry

for advanced semiconductor packaging


Electrochemical plating solutions for pillar and RDL packaging applications

Highest speed plating

Pure and uniform metal deposition

Pillar and RDL plating

The Spherolyte® portfolio consists of pre-treatment solutions, various base electrolytes, and both two and three component additive systems. Spherolyte® chemistries are tailored for high end electrochemical processes for Cu, Ni, Sn, and Au in advanced packaging applications such as pillar and RDL structures.

Spherolyte® Cu is designed to enable pure and uniform Cu deposits at high speed, and with lower costs.

Following the Cu deposition for pillar formation, Spherolyte® Ni and Spherolyte® Sn are used as diffusion barrier and solder joint connection, respectively.

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  • Flip chip
  • MEMS
  • Sensors

Our proven Spherolyte® portfolio satisfies the following process and deposition requirements at high speed:



  • Sulfuric acid based Cu electrolyte system
  • Pure Cu deposition and excellent WIW nonuniformity
  • High speed plating
  • Low warpage and internal stress
  • Low organic impurities


  • Sulfamate based solution
  • Full liquid process
  • Uniform Ni distribution as diffusion barrier
  • Low porosity, high ductility
  • Enhanced deposition rate


  • Fine grain structures
  • Good solderability
  • High plating stability
  • Inhibited whisker formation


  • Excellent bondability and solderability
  • Excellent physical properties of the deposit
  • Fast deposition rate
  • Wide and robust process window

Aurolyte® Au may additionally be used for soldering and Au pillar plating in MEMS and sensor applications.

Why we developed Spherolyte®

Your challenge

Driven by cost reduction and increased performance, the main challenges for Cu pillar plating are: high throughput, no voiding in IMC, and excellent uniformity.

Our solution

Spherolyte® Cu is a high speed plating process that enables pure Cu deposition for void free plating and low non-uniformity.

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